Co-operative Education can only create a letter of support for you verifying past, current, or future international co-op work terms.

According to the University of Waterloo’s Policy 19, these are the only types of verification letters Co-operative Education can create for you.

Letters will be made upon request, only for these reasons:

  • To get a student specific visa or work permit for another country.
  • To inform the local provincial health office that you will be out of Canada on a UWaterloo international co-op work term for more than seven months in a 12-month period.
  • To get student discounts in the country of your international co-op work term.

Before your international employment specialist can create one of these letters for you, you must complete and submit the Personal Identification Form; so that your international employment specialist has the information they need to write your letter.

Proof of Enrolment forms

If you need a Proof of Enrolment form, please visit this page on The Centre's website.