How to obtain a USA work permit for full-time employment

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How to apply for a USA J-1 visa for full-time employment

If you’re a regular or graduating student and want a USA J-1 work permit, follow these steps.

1. Complete an application

Cultural Vistas and Intrax are the preferred sponsor of Co-operative Education. Graduating students are also invited to apply.

2. Employer training plan

Your employer must complete an employer-training plan and submit it to your sponsor.

Some samples are:

You need to ensure that the training plan is completed and sent to the visa sponsor organization by your employer, in order to receive your visa on time.

3. Important tips and reminders

  • This process takes time, so start early.
  • Start and end dates of your international work experience on your USA J-1 Training Visa can’t be changed, so ensure you have these dates finalized.
  • Need further help? Contact your international employment specialist

How to obtain a TN status under NAFTA visa for full-time employment

Instead of applying for a USA J-1 visa, you can apply for a TN status under NAFTA visa only if you’re a Canadian citizen, looking for status as a:

  • visitor for business
  • intercompany transferee
  • professional

How to obtain a H1-B visa for full-time employment

H-1B visa is valid for several different employers if needed. The visa is valid for six years in three-year increments. After the six years is reached, you must change to a different status, or return home for at least a year.

Application process for an H1-B visa

  • Submit a request to one of four INS service centres having control over the place of employment.
  • Once the INS services centre processes the request, the approval notice is sent to you. You can present the notice at a US port of entry.
  • There are less limitations based on your professional status to get an H1-B visa than the TN status.
  • While maintaining H1-B non-immigrant status, you have the option of applying for a green card to achieve permanent residency.
  • Cost for the visa ranges from $2200 to $3500.    
  • The wait time is long and the request must be submitted several months prior to starting.
  • Annually, there is a limited amount of H1-B visas available.
  • Please visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for more information on the H1-B visa.

We strongly advise you to attend Centre for Career Action sessions on obtaining/applying for a work permit for full-time employment

Early graduation letter to obtain full-time visas

You can get an early graduation letter from the Registrar's office for full-time visa applications.