Girl playing with toysWe are always looking for parents who are interested in having their children participate in studies. Please have a look at our current studies to see if we are running a study that your child could participate in right away. As well, you could sign up your child on our future contact list so that we can give you a call when a study is being conducted that your child is the right age for. Please note that signing up for future contact does not mean that you are obliged to participate, it just means that a lab member will give you a call to ask if you are interested once your child turns a certain age. Thank you for your consideration, this type of research would not be possible without the generous contribution of time and support of families in our local community.

What are the studies like?

child participating in studyOur studies are non-evaluative and game-like so that children have fun while they participate. Our studies typically involve having your child interact individually with a research assistant (e.g., asking her to retrieve toys from a display case, answering questions about a story they have read, pointing to pictures that correspond with a word that is said). You are able to view your child’s performance during the visit at all times. All of our studies have been reviewed and have received ethical approval from the University of Waterloo’s Research Ethics Board and you will be informed on the specific procedures for the individual studies prior to agreeing to participation. ​ 

How long do studies take?

Our studies take between 20 and 45 minutes (depending on the specific study). We typically book parents and children for an hour session so that there is enough time to explain the study and make sure the children are comfortable in the testing environment before beginning. Our current studies all only require one visit to the lab.

How do I sign up to participate?

If you would like more information on our studies, or would like to sign up your child to participate, please contact us either by phone or email. We are flexible with the times that you are able to bring your child in, and book sessions at the convenience of parents.

What will I receive after participating?

After you child participates in a study, he/she will receive a small toy as appreciation for their time. Once all the data for the study your child participated in has been collected, you will be sent a letter explaining the results and implications of that particular study.

Current studies

We are currently running studies remotely. Families of children aged 4-11 years are welcome to sign up for participation. View our current studies page for more information!

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