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Myra Fernandes

Dr. Myra A. Fernandes

Lab Director - Professor

Education: BSc (Waterloo), MA, PhD (Toronto)

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Ryan Yeung

Ryan Yeung

PhD Candidate

Education: BSc (Waterloo), MA (Waterloo)

Program: PhD - Cognitive Neuroscience

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Interests: autobiographical memory, computational content analysis, working memory, social anxiety, distraction

Brady Profile Picture

Brady Roberts

PhD Candidate

Education: BA (Waterloo), MA (Waterloo)

Program: PhD Candidate - Cognitive Neuroscience 

Interests: encoding techniques, abstract and symbolic representations, enactment, drawing effect, oculomotor movement

Honours Thesis, Directed Studies, and Research Apprenticeship

Undergraduate Students

Honours Thesis Students:

Isaac Beech: Comparing methods of intentional reminiscing

Ciel Liu: Can watching videos help memory?

Fall 2020 Research Apprentice:

Sara Ahmed: Memory for emojis compared to words

NSERC undergrad research assistant award Spring 2020:

Lauren Homann: Memory for words with visual versus verbal distraction

Winter 2020 Research Assistants: Nicole Stuart, Meaghan, Lauren Homann

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate Students

Kasturi - Directed forgetting in young adults

Noor - Compiling enactment research for meta-analysis

Enrique – Influence of context reinstatement on memory for faces and words 

Sultan – Memory for scenes

Nicole – Creating a manual for fMRI data analyses

Jerika – Coding autobiographical memories

William – Coding autobiographical memories

Zainab – Coding autobiographical memories

Heera - Emotional memory under divided attention and Social media coordinator

Manheet - Influence of pre-exposure on memory for words

Pelin Tan

PhD Candidate

Education: BA (Laurier), MA (Queen's)

Program: PhD Candidate - Cognitive Neuroscience 

Interests: directed forgetting, aging

Yadurshana Sivashankar

Masters Candidate

Education: BA (Toronto)

Program: Masters Candidate - Cognitive Neuroscience 

Interests: encoding techniques, enactment, gestures, virtual reality, active versus passive processing, spatial memory

Sophia Tran

Masters Candidate

Education: BA (Calgary)

Program: Masters Candidate - Cognitive Neuroscience 

Interests: drawing, encoding techniques, memory for text and scenes, autobiographical memory

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