Combinatorics and Optimization (CO) 781 Topics in Quantum Information

QIC 823 Quantum Algorithms


Ashwin Nayak

Class times:

Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:50 pm

Through this course, we will study quantum algorithms in greater depth. Our emphasis will be on general techniques for quantum algorithm design and the underlying mathemtical tools. We will also investigate what makes certain problem hard, even for quantum computers.

Tentative list of topics:

  • Hidden subgroup problem
  • Quantum walks
  • Span programs and learning graphs
  • Adversary bound
  • Quantum Merlin Arthur games
  • Local Hamiltonian problem

Prerequisites for the course include an introductory course in quantum information processing. Familiarity with theoretical computer science will be helpful, but may be substituted by sufficient enthusiasm for the subject.

Evaluation will be based on three assignments and a project. The assignments are intended to supplement the lectures and help the students get a more complete appreciation of the topics covered. The project consists of reading one or more recent articles related to the course, making a presentation to the class, and writing a report.