University COVID-19 update

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MC Building Access

Provincial Government Lockdown, April 3rd, 12:01 am

The provincial government has declared a lockdown that comes into effect on Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 12.01 am. The lockdown will remain in effect for four weeks. Activities requiring specific access to on-campus resources will require approval through your unit head, who will arrange for approval from the Dean’s office. Access to Math controlled buildings will be monitored. Unapproved access will not be tolerated. 

The following restrictions to teaching, research and other on campus operations apply:  

  • There will be no in-person course activity taking place within the Faculty of Mathematics during the lockdown period.  
  • A separate message to all students, and the students and instructors of the courses that are currently being taught on-campus, will come from the Associate Deans for Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies addressing specific questions. 
  • Activity associated with approved Research Labs is permitted during the lockdown. 
  • Other on-campus research activities require pre-approvals through your Chair/Director, Dean, and the Office of Research 
Other operations: 
  • General office activity is limited to work that must occur on campus; any work that can occur remotely must be done from home. 
  • Graduate students, postdocs, visitors and co-op students are expected to work remotely unless they are explicitly named as part of an approved Research Lab plan. 
  • Computing support will be provided remotely whenever possible; provision will be made for support activities that must take place on campus