Presentation slides

  • Each presentation room has a dedicated personal computer for presentations. You do not need to bring your own computer. You may wish to bring your own laptop if your presentation relies on features unique to your machine.
  • Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes per speaker (15 minutes for presentation plus five minutes for questions and change over).
  • Each presenter must submit their slides to the session chair before the session in which they are presenting. For example if you are presenting at 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday you must ensure your slides are loaded before the end of the morning break at 11 a.m..
  • Each presenter is responsible for ensuring that any animations or video run smoothly before the session in which they are presenting. Do not wait until the last minute to test your slides!
  • Non-PC users are encouraged to bring their own laptop and video graphics adapters in case of compatibility issues.

Presentation length

  • Presentations are to be no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Question period is three minutes.
  • Two minutes are reserved between presentations for setup.
  • CICS 2016 will use the same computer timing system that has been utilized at CICS conferences for the last several years.
    • A countdown clock will face the presenter at the front of the room, and will change colour during the presentation.
    • Green during the bulk of the presentation (first 13 minutes).
    • Yellow at the end of the presentation and during the question period (next 5 minutes).
    • Red during the changeover (final 2 minutes).
    • Please respect the cue and stop when it is red.