Co-op Organizational Communication Work Report

Co-op Reports: Speech Communication Program (optional for students 3A to 4B) Organizational Communication Work Report

The audience for this report is primarily yourself, the Speech Communication faculty, and, at least in theory, your employer. You do not need to make the report available to your employer if you do not choose to do so. This report can be undertaken instead of a Narrative Analysis report from 3A to 4B if you choose to do so, but doing so is not necessary for the completion of your co-op degree.

This report is meant to offer an employer communication “value added”: what you can offer an employer to improve the workplace communication flow, style, protocols and/or its public relations with its wider community. The Organizational Communication report gives recommendations for change in communication practice with substantive reasoning behind the recommendations.

The Organizational Communication report allows you to offer a new strategy, or extend existing strategies of what your organization does, with respect to its communication practices or processes. For example, you might be working for a group that does organizational communication training, and you present through this report, another training unit that would extend their existing offerings.

An organizational communication work report should only be undertaken if you can engage in a thorough analysis of a communication practice or process which would be benefitted either by change or by significantly extending existing practices.

Use APA style in-text referencing. Refer to the co-op arts work report guidelines and the evaluation sheet for further information on the required structure for this report.  You may break down the body of the report into sections which do the following:

  • establish an existing practice in the organization which can be extended, establish an existing practice which is problematic, or establish a situation which could be an untapped opportunity to adopt a communication practice
  • note one or several possible options for extending, ameliorating, or adding to existing practice, establishing rationale for all options and possibly arguing for best options

You will, as required by the format of this report, end with conclusions and recommendations. 

Your analysis of the situation, and your justification of recommended course(s) of action, must be substantiated by research which may include, but which cannot be limited to, our course textbooks.

This report should be approximately 8 double-spaced pages.  Appendices are not included in this page count.