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Cast - Marat/Sade

Marquis de Sade - Steve Ryder

Jean-Paul Marat - Brad Cook

Herald - Greg Carere

Charlotte Corday - Jennifer Scullion

Duperret - Bryan Quinlan

Coulmier - Peter Mabrucco

Cucurucu - Kaylan Worsnop

Kokol - Mikey Klein

Polpoch - Celeste Dickson

Rosignol - Whitney Allen

Roux - Derek Lindman

Simonne - Kara Harun

Patient - Casee Ahrens           

Patient - Melanie Bennett           

Patient - Jeff DeSchiffert

Patient - Nathaniel Gibbs

Patient - Jessica Isard                     

Patient - Jacqui Kaiser

Patient - Samantha Leask          

Patient - Natalie Mathieson

Patient - Tara Vernoff

Patient - Kristin Wallace        

Female Nurse 1 - Elizabeth Barry

Female Nurse 2 - Bridget Myers        

Male Nurse 1 - Rasheed Ali

Male Nurse 2 - Brendan Riggs

Madame Coulmier - Jessica O’Connor

Creative Team

Director - Gerd Hauck

Musical Director - Jacqueline Sadler

Set Design - Miranda E.J. Warner

Costume Designer - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Travis Hatt

Sound Design - Fraser Smith

Production Team

Director of Production - Bill Chesney

Production Manager  - Celeste Dickson

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Asst. Technical Director - Fraser Smith

Asst. Musical Director - Bianca Tong


Doris Chen flute

Greg Dozois trumpet

Darren Hutz guitar

Bianca Tong keyboard

Brandon Valdivia percussion

Voice Coach - Alan Sapp

Publicity - Robin Atchison

Publicity/FOH - Michelle Jedrzejewski, Michelle Logan

Poster Design - Yen Chu Design

Program - Vik Kovac, Bridget Myers, Jessica O’Connor, Yen Chu

Asst. Lighting Designer - James Peltzer

Lighting Operator - Stephanie Casselman

Lighting Crew - Brandon Riggs, Greg Carere, Emily Schooley, Jon Davoodi, Lindsay Weber, Steve Ryder

Carpentry Head - Gill Lesperance

Carpentry Crew - Brad Cook, Danielle Jewinski, Jesse Ariss, Mark Folkes, Nathaniel Gibbs, Soraya Marinho

Paint and Props Crew - Amy Cruickshank, Casee Ahrens, Courtney Wilson, Jennifer Lorbetski, Mel Williamson, Tara Parachuk

Wardrobe Crew - Amy Tait, Ashley Bissonette, Bridget Myers, Julie Atchison, Melanie Bennett, Sabina Medarevic, Tara Velanoff

Sound Team - Jon Gordner, Vik Kovac

Special Thank yous to:

Aird Centre

Wilfrid Laurier University