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Julie Atchison

Casee Ahrens

Melanie Bennett

Narsimham Chelluri

Nicholas Cumming

Jeff DeSchiffest

Nathaniel Gibbs

Robyn Gmeindl

Simon Grant

Kara Harun

Jacqui Kaiser

Michael Kolodziej

Natalie Mathieson

Greg More

Jonathan Orton

Liz Pokol

Ivona Radon

Laura Thomas

Tara Velanoff

Kristin Wallace

Phil Wang

Steve Watts

Lindsay Weber


Director - Andy Houston

Co-director - Diana Denton

Producer - Bill Chesney

Set/Costume Design - Brett Haynes

Sound Design - Diana Knoll

Lighting Design - Jennifer Cook, Darryl Gardner, Travis Hatt, Scott Banks

Website Design - Dave Zoltok

Audio Visual - Mike Burkholder, Sujoy Baudgopadhyay


Production Stage Manager - Katie Pierroz

Assistant to the Producer - Christina Romaz

Assistant Stage Manager (Brain) - Leigh McClymont

Assistant Stage Manager (Mouth) - Miranda Warner

Assistant Stage Manager (Groin) - Samantha Leask

Assistant Stage Manager (Heart) - Alysha Johnson

Publicity - Arial Bourbonnais

House Manager/F.O.H - Jennifer Cook

244 Crew - Elizabeth Barry, Nathan Bender, Aaron Cowan, Meg DeForest, Jeff deSchiffert, Andrea Ferguson, Robyn Gmeindl, Elizabeth Goldsworthy, Julia Harries, Kara Harun, Tony Huynh, Jessica Isard, Alysha Johnson, Jacqui Kaiser, Natalia Mathieson, Jon Orton, James Peltzer, Liz Pokol, Ivona Radon, Monica Sallan, Steven Schaming, Jennifer Scullion, Alison Sochasky, Laura Thomas, Lesley Tumber, Kristin Wallace, Phil Wang, Miranda Warner

Special thanks

Ball Brothers, LTD: Jim Ball, Tom Ball; Lang Building: Walter Englert, Mike Hocalum, Kevin Stewart, UW Safety Office; Al Anderson and Matt, Showtech; Nancy Richards, CKCO; Robert Reid, K-W Record; Roger’s Daytime; Waterloo Chronicle; Brent Hagerman, The Echo; Coral, Leslie-Andrews, Coral FM, CKMS; Barbara Else, Gazette; The Imprint; Iron Warrier; Sci Notes; Faculty of Math Orientation Committee; Faculty of Engineering Orientation Committee; Theodore Dragontieri; Tara Parachuk; Charles Belair, Belair Studios; Michael English; Wendy Philpott; Robin Atchison; Jocelyne Sobeski; Martin de Grott, K-W Record.