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Narrator 3, Harris, Public - Lindsey Alston

Press, Boxer, Queen Victoria, Auctioneer, Lockwood, Alfred Taylor - Nicholas Cumming

Bosie - Jeff deSchiffert

Judge - David Devine

Press, Parker - Nathaniel Gibbs

Clarke - Julia Harries

Oscar Wilde - Brett Haynes

Public, Wright, Atkins, Narrator 6  - Andrew Hryniewicz

Queensbury, Public - Jonathan Hubble

Narrator 2, Public, Willie - Allison Jowett

Narrator 2, Public, Landlord - Amie MacDonald

Narrator 1, Shaw, Foreman of the Jury, Hotel man, Public - Murina Murphy

Public, Clerk of Arraigns, Gill, Narrator 7 - Jess O’Connor

Public, Sgt. Richards, Wood - Jonathan Orton

Press, Kaufman, Narrator 5 - Amanda Rees

Carson, Public - Jennifer Scullion

Public, Constance, Prostitute, Narrator 8, Taylor, Sepranza - Lesley Tumber

Public, Sgt. Allan, Mavor - Dave Zoltok


Director – Julie Hartley

Set Designer – Meredith Kenzie

Lighting Designer – Scott Spidell

Costume Designer – Stephanie Coleman

Sound Designer – Greg More

Production Crew

Stage Manager – Meghan Wiggin

Assistant Stage Managers – Ariel Bourbonnais, Christina Romasz, Laura Thomas

Production Director – Bill Chesney

Production Manager – Scott Banks

Technical Director – Scott Spidell

Assistant Technical Director – Fraser Smith

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant – Erika Kottelenberg

Publicity Crew/Front of House – Dana Fernald, Robyn Joffe

Poster & Program Design – Yen Chu Design

Program – DRAMA 301 Class

Lighting Head – Jen Cook

Lighting Crew – Samantha Leask, Amanda Rees

Carpentry Head – Heather Bedard

Carpentry Crew – Tegan Cassidy, Denise Hill, Jessica Jones, Eloisa Laquiran

Props Head – Janine Auger

Scenic Paint Head – Krystina Labadie

Props Crew & Scenic Paint  – Lori Anderson, Travis Hatt, Julia Schuessler

Sound Crew – Diana Knoll

Wardrobe Head of Crew– Miranda Warner

Wardrobe Crew – Lindsey Alston, Amaranth Day, Jessica O’Connor

Head of Wardrobe – Jocelyne Sobeski

Video – Rasheed Ali

Additional Crew – David Devine, Celeste Dickson, Monika Chmiel.

Thank you:

Jane Macleod

IDG (Interactive Design Group)

Home Fashion Market

University of Waterloo Theatre Centre

Steve Eason

Clifford Snyder