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Marlene - Cassandra Cline 

Waitress / Jeanine / Win - Jennifer Gooderham 

Pope Joan / Joyce / Louise - Andreea Hluscu 

 Isabella Bird / Angie - Meghan Jones 

 Lady Nijo / Mrs. Kidd - Michelle Kestle 

Patient Griselda / Kit / Shona - Carleigh MacDonald 

Dull Gret / Nell - Sydney Spidell


Director - Saul Garcia Lopez

Production Designer - Scott Spidell

Lighting Designer - Kirsten Watt

Fight Director - Shaw Forgeron

Stage Manager - Jane Honek

Assistant Stage Managers - Ryan Bassett, Adam Lemieux, Hilary Pitman

Assistant Director - Clare Flood

Production Team:

Head of Production - Scott Spidell

Production Manager - Janelle Rainville

Technical Director - Gil Lesperance

Staff Head of Wardrobe - Sharon E. Secord

Assistant Production Manager - Courtney Palmer

Head of Props/Paint/Set:

Ali Watson

Head of Wardrobe: Kelly Conlan

Head of Lighting: Katie Stewart

Head of Sound: Derek McGill

Head of Video: Tallen Kay

Head of Publicity: Kelsey Sewell

Crew: Michael To, Karly Snoddon, Connor Hughes, Cassandra Cline, Emma Mann, Carleigh MacDonald, Madeline Samms, Michelle Lowry, Rebecca Birrell, James Miniou, Chantaine Green-Leach, Teresa Allen, Sam Beuerle, Adam Winchester, Sarah Noiseux, Eric Kim

Photography: Katie Smith

Special thank you to:

Theatre Aquarius DOFASCO Centre for the Arts

East Side Mario’s

Terri Dans

William Innes