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Cast (in order of appearance)

Witch 1, Murderer 3, Soldier - Sukshmadarshi Maharaj 

Witch 2, Gentlewoman, Messenger 2 - Jessica Singh 

Witch 3, Soldier - Megan Rucurean 

Duncan, Siward, Lord - Patrick Pinnell 

Malcolm - Adam Lemieux

Donalbain, Thane, Seyton, Lord - Jane Honek 

Lennox - Greg Johnson 

Captain, Murderer 1, Doctor 2 - Keethan Krishnamoorthy 

Ross - Zach Parsons 

Angus, Porter, Murderer 2, Lord - Mark Haasnoot 

Macbeth - Andreea Hluscu 

Banquo, Macduff’s Son, Young Siward - Alan Shonfield 

Lady Macduff - Adele Robert 

Messenger 1, Fleance, Caithness, Thane - Bob Stan 

Servant, Soldier, Lord - Elizabeth Munz 

Hecate, Doctor 1, Old Man, Lord - Nathan Boutilier 

 Lady Macduff - Katie Smith


Director - Lee Wilson

Set/Props Designer - William Chesney

Costume Designer - Nina Okens

Lighting Designer - Arun Srinivasan

Sound Designer - Gill Lesperance

Fight Director - Daniel Levinson

Choreographers - Lili Markle, Jen Gooderham

Dramaturg - Simon Thibodeau

Voice Coach - Heather Hill

Assistant Set Designer - Melody Mui

Production Team

Director of Production - Scott Spidell

Production Manager - Janelle Rainville

Technical Director - Gill Lesperance

Wardrobe Head - Sharon E. Secord

Assistant Technical Director - Courtney Palmer

Assistant Production Manager - Selin Erkaya

Stage Manager - Michelle Kestle

Assistant Stage Managers - Lisette Compton, Kelly Conlan, Meghan Jones

Props/Paint - Kelsey Sewell (Head), Sam Beuerle, Cassandra Cline, Michelle Lowry, Emma Mann, Kara Nagel, Karly Snoddon, Clare Flood.

Set - Elizabeth Munz (Head), Jessica Blondin, Cam Dickey, Stefan Radic, Madeline Samms, 

Wardrobe - Jo Daly (Head), Martina Commisso, Mark Haasnoot, Carleigh Macdonald, Jackie Mahoney, Nicole Martin, Adam Winchester, Gianine Mapula

Lights - Hilary Pitman (Head), Cody Burns, Cameron Joliffe, Chantaine Green-Leach, Eric Kim, James Miniou, Sarah Noiseux, Katie Smith, Michael To

Sound - Keethan Krishnamoorthy (Head), Teresa Allen

Publicity - Brianne Haydon (Head), Rebecca Birrell

Photography - Katie Smith

Special Thank-yous

Shaw Festival

Theater Aquarius

Daniel Levinson

William Innes

Environment Faculty