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Spring Awakening
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Wendla Bergman - Erin Brandenburg

Frau Bergman - Stephanie Morson

Melchior Gabor - Chris Goddard

Otto / Ruprecht - Rob Bannerman

Moritz Steifel - Andy Trithardt

Georg / Gaston - Dave Grant

Ernst Robel / Helmuth - Jef Gagnon

Hansilow / Diethelm - Trevor Copp

Martha Bessel - Natalie Herr

Thea - Stacey Bartlett

Professor Knuppledick (Thickstick) - Daryl Kropf

Professor Hungergurt (Gutgrinder) - John Maiorano

Frau Gabor - Emily Boutet

Ilse - Indrani Margolih

Professor Habebald (Apelard) - Tyler Brent

Professor Sonnenstich (Sunstroke) - Graham Williams

Professor Fliegentod (Flyswatter) - Nicholas Cummings

Pastor Kahlbauch / Herr Gabor - Brad Goddard

Professor Zungenschlag (Tongguetwister) / Herr Steifel - Paul Moukperian

Dr. Brausepulver (Lemonade) - Bill Lee

Ina - Jen Waescher

Creative Team

Director – Darlene Spencer

Assistant Director – Emily Boutet

Set & Lighting Design – Robin Paterson

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Sound Design – Greg Leclair

​Assistant to Designers – Rob Paul. Jenna Pollard

Production Team

Director of Production – William Chesney

Technical Director/ Theatre of the Arts – Scott Spidell

Stage Manager – Terri Lynn Harvel

Assistant Stage Managers – Julie Blake, Chris Lee, Erica McNiece

Student Production Manager – Stephen Bailey

Head of Lighting – Jenna Pollard

Lighting Crew – Frank Canino, Raj Gill, Natalie Herr, Jen Waescher

Head of Wardrobe – Elizabeth Almeida

Wardrobe Crew – Jef Gagnon, Stacey Bartlett, Joanne Cope

Head of Carpentry/ Scenic Painting – Fredrik Oerling

Carpentry Crew – Raj Gill, Roberto Machado, Mia Praught

Head of Properties – Trevor Copp

Sound Board Operator – Roison Bonner

Sound Crew – Dave Grant

Head of Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity/ Front of House Assistant – Mia Praught

House Manager/ Theatre of the Arts – Terri-Lynn Harvel

Special Thanks

Mark Feeney

Gary Spencer

Stratford Festival Theatre