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Berenger - Alan Shonfield 

Waitress / Mr. Papillon - Emma Mann 

Dudard / Proprietor - Michael To 

Daisy - Mollie Garrett 

Grocer’s Wife / Old Jean’s Wife - Carly Derderian 

Botard / Grocer - Eric Kim 

Jean - Sam Beuerle 

Housewife / Mrs. Boeuf - Rebecca Birrell 

Logician / Old Jean / Fireman - Meghan Landers 

Old Gentleman - Madeline Samms

Creative Team

Director – Martha Ross

Set/Props Designer & Design Dramaturg – Paul Cegys

Costume Designer - Sharon Secord

Lighting Designer – Arun Srinivasan

Sound Designer – Colin Labadie

Dramaturg – Kelly Conlan

Supervising Dramaturg – Toby Malone

Props Builder/ Fight Choreographer – Shaw Forgeron

Production Team

Production Manager – Janelle Rainville

Technical Director – Gill Lesperance

Head of Wardrobe (Dept.) – Sharon E. Secord

Assistant Production Manager – Bob Stan

Stage Manager – Carleigh MacDonald

Assistant Stage Managers – Teresa Allen, Chantaine Green-Leach, Stefan Radic

Head of Carpentry/Paint - Cameron Jolliffe

Head of Props/Masks – Alice Wang

Head of Lighting – Zac Gungl

Head of Wardrobe – Vanessa Wainwright

Head of Publicity – Adam Winchester

Carpentry / Paint Crew – Alyssa Almeida, Sidney McMahon, Chelsea Vanoverbeke

Props / Masks Crew – Jaimie Bain, Sandy Thi, Zach Haime

Lighting Crew – Kailey Dudek, Alexandra Porter, Brendan Stehouwer, Carla Rodrigo

Wardrobe Crew – Cameron Smith, Abbi Longmire, Sam Mercury, Nivan Hamed

Sound Crew – Kandi Prosser (Operator)

Special Thanks

Digital Arts Communication (DAC) & Director Glenn Stillar

Clare Cummins from Alumni Relations

Sam Stuckless, Publicity Assistant

Susan CookScheerer of Rogers DayTime Television

Coral Andrews from Coral FM Radio

Mark Haasnoot, Publicity Photographer

Vanessa Wainwright, Publicity Photographer

William Innes, poster designer & videographer

Nan Millard

Ray Millard

Lesley Millard

Tanya Apostolidis

Christina Gungl

Steve Gungl

Noor Mirza from Imprint