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Taming of the Shrew 98
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Giovanna - Claudine Albreish

Child - Andrew Botros

Grumio - Bart Cormier

Pedant - Jonathan Dietrich

Petruchio - Norm Freind

Biondella - Rhonda Gilson-Deer

Lucentio - Brad Goddard

Petruchio’s Servant - Christian Johnson

Vincentio - Asad Kaspar

Petruchio’s Servant - Alex Lamont

Petruchio’s Servant - Trish Lanc

Tranio - Cyrus Lane

Kate - Aine Magennis

Baptista - Dave Mitchell

Curtis - Stephanie Morson

Baptista’s Servant - Erin Murphy

Bianca - Emily Oriold

Child - Sally Prosser

Petruchio’s Servant - Andrew Renner

Tailor - Heather Roberts

Gina/Haberdasher - Melissa Roe

Hortensio - Misha Rybalov

Widow - Catherine Seeback

Gremio - Sean Vivian

Petruchio’s Servant - Heather Wilford

Creative Team

Director - Lloy Coutts

Set Designer – Bill Chesney

Costume Designer – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Designer – David James

Production Team

Stage Manager – Danna Evans

Assistant Stage Managers – Bettina Gaspar, Pat Race, Vicki Sloan

Technical Director – Scott Spidell, Terry Tremeer

Production Manager - Angela Marshall

Assistant Production Manager – Marla Posthuma

Carpentry Head – Cyrus Lane

LX Head – Rob Paul

Carpentry/Lighting Crew – Brad Goddard, Erin Kell, Alex Lamont, Beth Wingert

Wardrobe Crew – Joanna Black, Allison Bobor, Rhonda Gilson-Deer, Margaret McKnight, Heather Wilford

Scenic Painting Head – Margaret McKnight

Scenic Painting Crew – Allison Bobor, Erin Kell, Sharon Kelly, Trisha Lanc, Aine Magennis

Sound Head – Greg Leclair

Sound Crew – Marla Posthuma

Props Head – Sandy Burke

Props Crew - Trisha Lanc, Andrew Renner

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity Head – Sharon Kelly

Publicity Crew – Bettina Gasper, Aine Magennis, Heather Wilford