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Les Belles Soeurs
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Rhéauna Bibeau - Jennifer Anderson

Lise Paquette - Stephanie Argano

Marie-Agne Brouilletee - Kristen Burke

Ginette Ménard - Kristy Campbell

Angéline Sauvé - Shar Deaumude

Neighbour - Donna Marie DeLorey

Gabrielle Jodoin - Lesley Dowey

Pierette Guérin - Shannon Harrigan

Rose Ouimet - Sharon Kelly

Lisette de Courval - Krista Paige Little

Germaine Lauzon - Julie MacLeod

Linda Lauzon - Kristine Mahler

Olivine Dubuc - Jennifer Mahoney

Thérèse Dubuc - Leanna Nash

Des-Neiges Verrette - Kim Powell

Yvette Longpré - Tara Terrick

Creative Team

Director – Darlene Spencer

Set Design – William Chesney

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design – Al Anderson

Assistant Light Design – Bruce Rorrison

​Production Team

Production Stage Manager – Lucy Reus

Head of Properties – Linda Patton

Make-up Consultant – Maureen Greenstein

Electrician/ Light Board Operator – Patrick Meyers

Head Carpenter – Calvin Sweers

Production Assistant – Mike Haltrecht

Assistant Stage Managers – Diane Flynn, Heather Roberts

Sound Effects – Joey Morin

Sound Board Operator – Karen Gladding

Wardrobe Assistant – Megan Leef, Alkan Emin

Properties Assistant – Tim Gentle

Carpentry/ Paint Crew – Teresa Dunat, Michael MacDonald, Laura Pattison, Mary Slimmon

Paint/ Carpentry Crew – Anne Miller, Allison Oleszkowicz

Dresser – Elizabeth Barratt

Make-up – Danielle Ament, Andrea Renaud

Flyman/ Caretaker/ Program Cartoonist – Richard Schweitzer

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Photographer – Chris Hughes

Technical Director, Drama – Alex Kordics

Special Thanks

Chad Cronkwright

Jonathan Goad


Tim Jackson

Margaret Little

Jen Orange

Dave Pitt

Theatre Sheridan Props Dept.

Marion Smith

The Sudburians

Terry Tremeer