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Godspell 1999
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Robin - Rebecca Graham

Jeffrey - Dave Grant

Lamar - Ben Janzen

Gilmer - Sharon Kelly

Stephen - Jordan L’Abbe

Sonia - Tanya L’Abbe

Herb - Paul Moukperian

David - Stephen Bailey

Peggy - Rosalind Pickett

Joanne - Mia Praught

Creative Team

Director – Joel Greenberg

Assistant Director – Darlene Spencer

Music Director – Peter deSousa

Set Designer – Bill Chesney

Costume Designer – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Director – Stephen Degenstein

Magic Consultant – Dave McDonnell

Production Team

General Manager (Waterloo Stage) – Steve Roth

Production Manager/ Stage Manager – Angela Marshall

Technical Director (UWaterloo Drama) – Scott Spidell

Assistant Stage Managers – Jenna Pollard, Andrew Renner

Assistant Technical Director – Alex Lamont

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Assistant To The Music Director – Sharon Adams

Head of LX/ Board Operator – Trevor Martin

Special Thanks

Erin Brandenburg

Tammy Casey

Tina Eidukaitis

Terri Harvel

Melissa Roe

Kelly Serra-Fernie

Erica Soloman