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Mona - Danielle Ament

Conchita Hernandez - Stephanie Arango

Sergeant Fogarty - Stephen Bailey

Harry - Dave Brown

Annie - Kristen Burke

Liz - Shari Deamude

Amos Hart - Jim DiGioia

Aaron - Jason Finucan

Billy Flynn - Tim Gentle

Velma Kelly - Sharon Kelly

Roxie Hart - Krista Little

Fred Casely - Ryan Tayze MacKenzie

June - Allison Oleszkowicz

Martin Harrison - Anand Rajaram

Mary Sunshine - Andrea Renaud

Court Clerk - Jonathan Schlegal

Master of Ceremonies - Calvin Sweers

Go-to-Hell Kitty - Tara Terrick

Matron Mama Morton - Susan Tschirhart


Trumpet – Jonathan Crespo, Tara White

Saxophone – Tim Snyder, Toby Ley

Trombone – Trevor Dix

Bass – Graham Kidd

Percussion – Mark Inneo

Synthesizer – Robert Reinhart

Piano – Peter de Sousa


Director/Choreographer – Joel Greenberg

Music Director – Peter de Sousa

Set Design – William Chesney

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design – Graham Frampton

Production Stage Manager/Sound Design – Tim Jackson

Assistant Stage Managers – Elizabeth Barrett, R. Carrey, Danna Evans, Robin Feick

Assistant Director – Jennifer Clark

Assistant Production Manager – Laurie Hindson

Assistant Technical Director – Calvin Sweers

Dance Captain – Andrea Renaud

Assistant Dance Captain – Kristen Burke, Krista Little

Production Assistant – Justin Sharratt

Head of Lighting – Michael Haltrecht

Lighting Operators – Jonathan Dietrich, Catherine Seeback

Lighting Assistant/ Props Crew – Kristine Mahler

Lighting Assistant – Tina Robinson

Head of Sound/ Sound Board Operator – Rocco Zingarelli

Sound Assistant/ Set Crew – Tom Leslie

Sound Crew – Kevin Price

Head of Set Construction - Tigger McCullough

Set Crew – Sandy Burke, Christian Johnson, Michelle de Pestel, Ryan Tyndall, Sean Vivian

Head of Properties – Linda Patton

Props Assistant – Claudine Albreish, Rhonda Gilson, Ruth Kelly, Angela Marshall, Marlene Sutton

Head of Wardrobe – Amanda Ray

Wardrobe Assistant – Katrina Ballantine, Lucina Favarin

Dressers – Gemma Doorly, Stacey Schat

Head of Scenic Painting – Teresa Dunat

Scenic Painting/ Make-up Assistant – Filipina Bienkowska

Scenic Painting – Teresa Bruinsma, Tanya Williams

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant/ Program Design – Joan Charlebois

Assistant House Manager/ Publicity – Mary Hartnett

House Manager – Sean Vivian

Technical Director, Drama Dept. – Scott Spidell

Special Thanks

Theatre Sheridan

Adam Stewart, Theatre Sheridan

Theatre Aquarius

Stratford Festival


Helen Hornyak

Lisa Coulson

Helen Zdriluk, Burlington Central High School

Adam Qualter, Wilfrid Laurier University

Mrs. Deborah Feick