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Tali Bar-Or – Maisie

Jennifer-Jo Latfa – Dulcie

Kelly Lemon – Fay

Sandra Janzen – Nancy

Mary Moore – Polly

Alanna McLeon – Mme. Dubonnet

Lynne Gibson – Hortense

Jennifer Clark – Lady Brockhurst

Michelle D’Alessandra – Lolita

Bev Haffner – Female Standby

Robert Lombardi – Bobby

Jonathan Goad – Tony

John Salvini – Percival

Joel Harris – Lord Brockhurst

Dan Kelley – Marcel

Chris Fleck – Pierrre

Roger Lenke – Alphonse / Pepe

Mark McGrinder – Male Standby


Vandana Sharma – Sax 1

Stephen Lehmann – Sax 2

Jerilee Sharpe – Trumpet

Rob Gaus – Trumpet

Kevin Powell – Trombone

Ellen Hofer – Violin

Susanne Bakalar – Violin 

Ian Graham – Synthesizer

Elizabeth Farnham – Bass

Todd Cottrell – Drums

Stephanie Reinhart - Piano

Creative Team

Director – Joel Greenberg

Musical Director – Peter deSousa

Set Design – Stephen Degenstein

Wardrobe Design -Joeclyne Sobeski

Lighting Design – Al Anderson

Assistant to the Lighting Designer – Cheryl Ewing

Sound – Chad Cronkwright


Master Electrician/ Flys – David James

Lighting Operator – Jane Hammond

Props Mistress/Painting Assistant – Kim Powell

Master Carpenter - Craig Mason

Costume Head – Richard Karhu

Assistant Stage Manager – Deborah Hebblewaith, Steve Bereza

Followspots – Sheilagh Henry, Morley Howell

Costume Crew – Lynne Gibson, Mary Moore

Flys Crew – Todd Ruthman

Lighting Crew- Geoffrey Wells

Carpentry Crew - Tom Kelly, Geoffrey Wells, Todd Ruthman

Dance Captain – Kelly Lemon

Thank You’s

Drama 244 Class

Sam Nichols