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Twelfth Night 1993
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Malvolio - Jonathan Goad

Feste - Joel Harris

Orsino - Roger Lemke

Sir Andrew - Mark McGrinder

Viola - Mary Moore

Sebastian - Brian O’Grady

Olivia - Kimwun Perehinec

Sir Toby - Dylan Roberts

Maria - Penney Shore

Creative Team

Director – Joel Greenberg

Assistant Director – Anand Rajaram

Set/Costume Design – William Chesney

Lighting Designer – Al Anderson

Assistant Lighting Design – Terry Tremeer

Sound Design / Coordination -Tim Jackson

Production Team

Production Manager – Mike McDonald

Assistant Production Manager – Bruce Rorrison

Technical Director – David M. James

Stage Manager – Dan Kelley

Head Carpenter - Wayne Scotting

Head of Properties – Christy Morrow

Head of Wardrobe – Jocelyne Sobeski

Head Electrician – Kristen Burke

Lighting Board Operator – Stephanie McCarthy

Sound Operator – Justin Minns

Publicity – Lesley Coughlan Storm

Assistant Stage Managers – Richard Karhu, Luisa Lago

Assistant Carpenter – Paul Fromme

Set Painters – Alanna McLean, Mike MacDonald

Properties Assistant – David Clements

Wardrobe Assistant – Nancy Forde, Deborah Hebblethwaite, Megan Leef, Shannon Peters, Alyson Scadron Wattles

Special Thanks

Lucille Kelley

Stan Morrow

Sandra Morrow

Jim Nicholson