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Set/Props Designer - Bill Chesney

Costume Designer - Sharon E. Secord

Lighting Designer - Cameron Jolliffe

Sound Designer - Gill Lesperance

Video Designer - Celena Alcock


Production Manager - Janelle Rainville

Assistant Production Manager/Technical Director - Darius Hahn

Technical Director - Gill Lesperance

Supervising Dramaturg - Michael Ross Albert

Instructor of Record (Performance) - Andy Houston

Instructor of Record (Production) - Paul J. Cegys

Head of Video - Celena Alcock

Head of Publicity - Abbi Longmire

Props Builder/Buyer - Madeline Samms

Carpentry and Prop Crew - Eric Fiedler, Taylor Howard, Hayley McLennan, Katie Neeb-Craig, Dragomir Rabrenovic

Lighting Crew - Kendalin Bishop, Lukas Budziak, Shamanta Haider, Laura Hayashi, Kristina Nasato

Sound Crew - Nicole Reid

Wardrobe Crew - Joanna Cleary, Lindsay McDonald

Lighting Operator - Hayley McLennan


The Game of String

Writer - Jennifer Addesso

Director - Brooke Barnes

Movement Coach - Carin Lowerison

Stage Manager - Michelle Kestle


Madison Foster - Jessica Bertrand

Hayley Connor - Nada Abusaleh

Nicole Kennedy - Christina McArthur

Taylor Matthews - Kendalin Bishop

Riley Hirch - John Krukowski

Todd Hirch - Taylor Howard


Writer - Joanna Cleary

Director - Rebecca Reid

Movement Coach - Carin Lowerison

Stage Manager - Alyssa Almeida


Eva - Kailey Dudek

Chloe - Chelsea MacDonald

Hamlet Reworked

Adapted & performed by Gareth Potter


Glenn Stillar, Kelly Conlan, Zach Haime, Scott Liddycoat, Jane Macleod, Mara Haasnoot, Laura Hayashi