The Government Inspector

Government Inspector posterBy Nikolai Gogol

Directed by: Jim Warren

Performances: November 12-14, 19-21, 2009

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building

The Government Inspector, also known as The Inspector General, is a satirical comedy by Russian playwright and novelist Nikolai Gogol which tells the story of what happens when the Mayor and several other self-important officials of a provincial Russian town mistake a small-time con artist for an important government official. Hypocrisies are exposed and foolishnesses revealed as the officials offer increasingly extravagant gifts in order to placate and impress their visitor while the visitor becomes increasingly reckless in his greed.  Gogol’s aim in writing the play was to drag into light "all that was bad in Russia" and to hold it up to contempt. He clearly succeeded in rendering contemptible and ludicrous the official life of Tsarist Russia, the corruption universally prevailing throughout the civil service, the arrogance, deception, self-deception, and servility of men in office. In view of the recent scandals in the financial markets the play’s portrayal of human greed, stupidity, and the deep corruption of men in power has lost none of its contemporary poignancy. 

The publication of the play led to a great outcry in the reactionary press. Surprisingly, it took the personal intervention of Tsar Nicholas I, against whom some of the blatant criticism in the  play had been directed, to have it staged. When the play premiered at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, in Saint Petersburg, in 1836, the Tsar was among the first to see it. He was said to have commented that the play ridiculed everyone—most of all himself. And he still loved it!


Mayor - Chai Lavie

Khlyestakov - Reid Vanier

Anna - Kristi Dukovic

Maria - Rachel Barna

Ossip - Terry Reid

Bobchinsky/Shopkeeper - Sean Errey

Dobchinsky/Shopkeeper - Paul Carere

Judge/Shopkeeper - Shawn DeSouza-Coelho

Charity Commissioner/Shopkeeper - Jeremy Hawkins

Postmaster - Sarah Sosnoski

Waiter/Locksmith’s Wife/Superintendent’s Wife - Caitlin Robson

School’s Superintendent/Shopkeeper - Jeff Ulrich

Mishka/Sergeant's Widow - Katie Honek

Police Inspector/Abdulin - Joseph Lauria

Physician/Shopkeeper - Patrick Pinnell

Creative team:

Director - Jim Warren

Set Designer - Bill Chesney

Costume - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Designer - Scott Spidell

Sound Designer - Andy Allen

Stage Manager - Darcy Patrick

Assistant Stage Managers - Kate Burns, Lisa Gillis, Joy Smith

Assistant Director - Dave Metcalfe

Assistant Sound Designer - Thomas Fawcett

Production team:

Production Manager - Jennifer O’Connor

Student Production Manager - Heather Muir

Technical Director - Andy Allen

Head Carpenter - Gill Lesperance

Publicity - Robin Atchison

Poster Design - Yen Chu

Program - Jessica Smith

House Manager - Jillaine Yee

Student Carpentry Head - Dave Metcalfe

Carpentry Crew - Lauren Charette, Aviva Dreksler, Jenny Hunter, Chai Lavie, Patrick Pinnell

Student Head of Paint - Hannah Michielsen

Paint Crew - David Bui, Laura Callaghan, Anthony Fick, 

Student Head of Props: Fran Barker

Props Crew -  Vikki Hastings, Mark Moon, Laura Reitzel, Ian Richards, Sarah Sosnoski, Reid Vanier

Student Head of Wardrobe - Ada Tsang

Wardrobe Crew - Emily Brame, Krysten Brown, Sasha Henry, Brittany Leite, Melody Mui, Jana Zacharias

Student Head of Lighting/Operator: Hannah Michielsen

Lighting Crew - Stefanie Ioannides, Tallen Kay, Lilly Markle, Jenn Schmolling, Jess Singh

Sound Crew - Katie Honek, David Morgan (Operator)

Student Head of Publicity: Jessica Smith

Publicity Crew - Tom Duff, Adele Robert


Habitat for Humanity, Gerd Hauck, Anne-Marie Lesperance, Jocelyne Sobeski’s Costume Design Class, Harper Snedden