Macbeth 1986

Macbeth 1986 PosterStratford Festival Young Company Production

Directed by: Tom Kerr

Performances: October 9-11, 1986

Matinee: October 11, 1986

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


Weird Sister, Porter - Maurice Godin

Weird Sister - Nancy Roberts

Weird Sister - Cheryl Swarts

Duncan, Young Seyword - Richard Gilbert-Hill

Malcolm - David Marr

Bleeding Captain, Macduff - Jerry Etienne

Lennox - Michael Hanrahan

Ross - Donald Adams

Macbeth - Kim Coates

Banquo - David McKnight 

Lady Macbeth - Marcia

Messenger, Seyword - Lee MacDougall

Donalbain, Seyton - Daniel Kash

Messengers, Thanes, Soldiers, Servants, and Attendants played by:

Richard Gilbert-Hill, Maurice Godin, Michael Hanrahan, Daniel Kash, Lee MacDougall, David Marr, David McKnight, Nancy Roberts, and Cheryl Swarts


Director - Tom Kerr

Design - Lesley Macaulay

             William Schmuck

Stage Manager - Heather Kitchen

Artistic Director - John Neville