Mad Forest

Mad Forest posterBy Caryl Churchill
A play from Romania

Directed by: Andy Houston 

Performances: March 18-21 2009

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

In the spring of 1990, mere months after the overthrow and execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena, when the aftershocks of the “December Revolution” continued to reverberate among the Romanian people, playwright Caryl Churchill, director Mark Wing-Davey and a group of 10 students from the University of London’s Central School of Drama travelled to Romania to work with local students and artists to record and perform the events of the revolution and its aftermath. Mad Forest is the result of this journey. Far from being a documentary, the play explores the reactions of ordinary people to the confused events of December 1989, focusing in particular on two families. What emerges is a complex picture of the enduring damage on people’s lives after years of repression followed by new difficulties that come with change.

Mad Forest was directed by Andy Houston, with musical direction and composition by Meghan Bunce, film and video by Glenn Stillar, soundscape by Andy Allen, scenography by Scott Spidell, costume design by Jocelyne Sobeski, and stage management by Brenda Pilatzke.


Gabriel, Bulldozer Driver - Derek Cvitkovic

Ianos, Painter - Wes Errey

Wayne, Toma, Boy Student 2 - Shaw Fergeron

Sore Throat, Girl Student, Waiter - Katie Honek

Mihai Translator - David Lam

Bogdan, Grandfather (Bogdan’s Father), Dog - Chai Lavie

Adina - Eileen Li

Securitate Man, Priest, Patient, Soldier 2 - Derek Lindman

Florin, Boy Student 1 - Ciaran Myers

Rodica, Old Aunt, Ghost, Student Doctor - Amy O’Grady

Irina, Grandmother, Flower Seller - Jessica Smith

Lucia - Sarah Sosnoski

Flavia’s Grandmother, Housepainter - Miroki Tong

Doctor, Angel, Vampire, Solider 1 - Jeff Ulrich

Flavia - Aimee Villapando

Creative Team:

Director - Andy Houston

Assistant Director - Steven Chen

Music Director - Meghan Bunce

Sound Design - Andy Allen

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting/Set Design - Scott Spidell

Assistant Lighting Design - Heather Muir

Video Design, Photography - Glenn Stillar

Production Manager - Jen O’Connor

Student Production Manager - Laisa Gillis

Stage Manager - Brenda Pilatzke

Assistant Stage Manager - Tom Fawcett

Assistant Stage Manager - Kayla Pratt

Assistant Stage Manager - Amber Regier

Dialect Coach - Heather Hill

Dramaturgy - Tyler Emoff

Romanian Cultural Liaison - Sonia Laposi

Wardrobe Assistant - Kelly McNeely

Sound Operator - David Metcalfe

Light Operator - Fran Barker

Head of Publicity - Robin Atchison

Production Team:

Costumes - Joy Smith (Head), Joanna Hunter, Ada Tsang, Cecile Jenny, Elysia Cloet, Shaw Forgeron

Carpentry/Paint - Miroki Tong, Sean Errey, Jessica Smith

Prof. Bill Chesney - Dr. of Paint

Lighting - Hannah Michielsen (Head), Wes Rowley, Kristi Dukovic, Terry Reid

Props - Roz Armstrong-Durst, Eileen Li, Derek Cvitkovic (Head), Kaitlin Burns, Joe Lauria

Publicity/FOH - Katherine Ronzio, Rhiannon Berthelot

Sound - Dave Metcalfe

Video - Adam Proulx


Adina Stancu

Adriana Laposi

Alexandru Titeu

Cristina and Florin Todor

Daniella Iliescu

Doina from TD Bank

Forest Hill United Church

Gerd Hauck

Jacob Soica

Jeremy Choo

Jessica Horn

June Spidell

Radu Secasan

Stefan Russu

St. John the Baptist Romanian Orthodox Church

The Bomber

Wendy Philpott

Zeljka Stanivuk