New Course - DRAMA 374 - Fall 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

bread and puppet theatre


DRAMA 374 - Fall 2015 - Thursdays 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Perhaps you are here because you are an Artist. The question is: What is your art motivated by and what are you hoping to achieve? Many of the visual and performance artists who have shaped our artistic history and its present achievements, have done so for political and social reasons, and because of a belief that ART is a profound tool for inspiring and making change happen. In this course we will study past and present theatre, visual and installation artists, and groups, who have used their art for a politically engaged cause. We will also look at the idea of ACTIVISM as a form of performance.

We will examine the environmental challenges facing us today and we will critically examine the social and economic paradigms, which maintain them. As the world inches closer to another UN super-summit on climate change this December in Paris, students in Drama 374 will perform their own mock climate negotiation.

We will use the act of performance to explore and demonstrate the complexities of international governance.


  • Practice an interdisciplinary approach to Arts, Activism and the wicked problems that face our sustainable future
  • Learn about the work of Activists and Politically Engaged Artists who have used their art to bring about change
  • Become inspired by the work of others, and empowered with ideas for the future
  • Perform a mock climate negotiation, and understand the intricacies of collective decision making and international governance
  • Create an on-campus art or performance installation project, which explores the themes and research generated in the class