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Location: ECH 2112

Karen CollinsKaren Collins’ research focuses on  sound and music in technology, and explores how new technologies impact our auditory experience. This research has included studies of sound on smart tables (horizontal computers), mobile phones, video games, and slot machines.

Major works

2016. Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound.

2013. Playing With Sound: A Theory of Interacting with Sound and Music in Video Games.  Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press

2012.  K.  Collins and P. Taillon. Visualized Sound Effect Icons for Improved Multimedia Accessibility. Entertainment Computing.  Volume 3 Issue 1, pp. 11-17.

2012. A Bang, A Whimper and A Beat: Industrial Music and Dystopia. New York: Mass Media Music Scholars’ Press, Inc.

2011. K. Collins, P. Taillon, and B. Kapralos. Experimenting With a Framework for Networked Mobile Audio Arrays. Audio Engineering Society 44th Conference on Audio Networking. San Diego, November  18-20.

2011. K. Collins. Making Gamers Cry: Mirror Neurons and Embodied Interaction with Game Sound. ACM SIGCHI AudioMostly 2011 – 6th Conference on Interaction with Sound. Coimbra, Portugal, September 2011.

2008. Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press. 

University of Waterloo

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