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Production Auditions

We typically produce two to three main shows per year - in November and March on the main stage Theatre of the Arts, and every other year in June. Auditions usually happen in the first week of the term but occasionally auditions for winter shows happen late in the fall term and auditions for the spring show happen late in the winter term. Audition requirements are posted below as well as on the Call Board outside ML 135 2 months ahead.

There may also be student projects for directing courses or thesis projects which require actors from time to time. Check the Call Board for information.  Notifications are also posted to the UWaterloo Theatre & Performance Facebook page.


Q: Do you have to be a Theatre and Performance major or minor to audition?

A: Any student from any Faculty and year level is welcome to audition.  Please note that acting in the production is NOT an extra-curricular activity – it is a course.  The course is dependent on which character you are playing as the lead roles require more rehearsal time than the supporting roles for this production.  Some roles are a 0.5 credit (1 course) while others are 1.0 credits (2 courses).  

Q: When are rehearsals usually scheduled?

A: Normally there are 2 weekday evening rehearsals (4 hrs each) and a 7 hr rehearsal on Saturdays.  These rehearsals are scheduled in Quest and are part of your course schedule.

Q: Are there other time commitments outside of rehearsal?

A: Students are also required to attend a 1 hr class meeting time with the course instructor (director of the production) once a week.  There are readings, writing assignments and preparation that must be done outside of rehearsal times as well.

During technical rehearsal and performance weeks (weeks 9 & 10 of the term), you should expect to be working up to 6 evenings per week and on Saturdays. Most students have course conflicts with matinee performances during performance week, so they need to miss some classes in other courses that week. 

Q: I am in my 1A term.  Can I audition for the production or should I wait until my second term or even in my upper years when I have an elective?

Since participation in Theatre & Performance program productions means enrolling in a DRAMA Production Participation (PP) course, you need to have at least one elective available in your 1A term. You also won’t know whether you are admitted to our PP course until the second week of term, so it’s a bit of a risk in your 1A term even if you do have space in your schedule.

After your 1A term, if you don’t have an elective available, your advisor in *might* permit you to take a 6th course in one term (depending on your grades and your advisor’s assessment of your workload). 

It’s also an advantage (though not required) to have DRAMA 102 or DRAMA 100 under your belt before you audition for the first time. 

Auditions for Fall 2019 production

The fall mainstage production is The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, translated by Tom Stoppard and directed by Matt White.  

Auditions will be held on:

WHEN: Wednesday, September 4 & Thursday, Sept 5, 2019

TIME: 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.


To sign up for a 15 minute slot please do so online.

Those auditioning are asked to:

  1. Prepare one comedic monologue, either classic or contemporary.
  2. Prepare one joke.  It should be longer than a knock knock joke.
  3. Read the script in advance of the audition.  There is a copy of the script on 1-day reserve at the Dana Porter Library under the call # UWP 7467.


Some auditioners will be asked to attend the callbacks on Friday, September 6th from 6 - 10 p.m.  Please book this time off in advance.  During this time you will be asked to read scenes from the script with other actors.


Email Janelle Rainville