Grimm Tales PosterAdaptation by Carol Ann Duffy

Directed by Kim Renders

Performances: October 27-28, 2000

Matinee: October 28, 2000

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities                Building

This adaptation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales remains true to the original stories as penned by the brothers Grimm. Beware, there is a darkness that lurks behind the glass slipper and the golden goose... as well as a little mischief and a lot of fun! A talented and eclectic troupe of six actors perform these delightful tales that promise to chill, thrill and fullfill!

The great thing about GRIMM TALES is the wonderful energy with which it enfolds each story in its own style, from the goriness of Ashputtel'sself‑mutilating sisters to the cute surrealism of the house‑sharing bird, mouse and sausage, and the braying humour of the magic donkey, Shitsy‑Spitsy, from whose every orifice shower invisible gold coins. All of us in the audience go the whole journey with the brothers Grimm into the bright, warped world of a child's imagination.