King Stag PosterBy Carlo Gozzi

Directed by: Maarten va Dijk

Performances: November 20-23, 1985

Venue: Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall

King Stag, written by Carlo Gozzi, the great eighteenth century Italian playwright, employs all the characters and devices of the classical commedia dell'arte.

We meet Pantaloon, the silly old man, the Harlequin clowns, and young lovers. A fantastic story takes us to the Magic Kingdom of Serendip, where we encounter "black magic, blue magic. every kind of magic", as humans turn into stags, parrots, bears, and even into each other. 


Leander - Beth Jost

Ciolotti, Durandarte, guard - Sandra Kasturi

Tartaglia, parrot, guard - Roman Neubacher

Pantaloon - Bernie Roehl

Tartaglia, guard - Gary Lenz

Clarissa, A Stag - Lisa Swarbrick

Truffaldino - Mark Dobblestyn

Deramo - Laura Astwood

Angela - Annette Stokes-Harris

Smeraldina - Jeff Dineen 

Brighella  - Kathryn DeLory

A Stag - Pili Palm-Leis


Director - Maarten van Dijk

Designer - Greg Yellenik

Ass't to the Designer - John Smith

Production Manager - James Milburn

Stage Manager - Duffy Knox

Ass't Stage Managers - Kelly Strand

                                  Neil Wiffen

Sound - Dave MAnning

Electrics - Cathi Rainville

               Geoff Bennett

               Bruce McVittie

               Alex Kordics

Carpenters - Dave Horton

                   Andy Watts

                   Andrea Ottley

                   Liz Dietrich

                   Wendy Knapper

                   Rhonda Riche

Flys - John Sellens

         Mike Upmalis

         Elizabeth Shannon

Properties - Jamie Pyper

                  Adam Qualter

Costumes - Carissa Cameron

                 Susan Schmidt

Make-up - Carolyn Robson

Masks - Laura Astwood

Scenic Painters - Dianne Ingram

                         Jeff Tiffin