The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice PosterBy William Shakespeare

Directed by: Joel Greenberg

Performances: November 22-25, 2000

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                  Languages Building


The lure of wealth… the charm of romance… the intricacies of law… the burning desire for revenge.

In no other play do we find greater proof of the genius of Shakespeare. With its interwoven tales of love and vengeance, The Merchant of Venice provides a rich tapestry of images and ideas to delight and challenge the actors and audience alike. How are the thoughts and actions of Portia, Antonio, Shylock and the others relevant today?

This play has been a success with audiences ever since it was first performed hundreds of years ago. Its characters and themes remain as fascinating and as controversial as ever. The University of Waterloo Drama Department’s exciting production projects all the familiar characters from the Renaissance into the modern world, helping us to see this brilliant story- and its darker side- in a new way.