The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice PosterBy William Shakespeare

Directed by: Joel Greenberg

Performances: November 22-25, 2000

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


The lure of wealth… the charm of romance… the intricacies of law… the burning desire for revenge.

In no other play do we find greater proof of the genius of Shakespeare. With its interwoven tales of love and vengeance, The Merchant of Venice provided a rich tapestry of images and ideas to delight and challenge the actors and audience alike. How are the thoughts and actions of Portia, Antonio, Shylock and the others relevant today?

This play has been a success with audiences ever since it was first performed hundreds of years ago. Its characters and themes remain as fascinating and as controversial as ever. The University of Waterloo Drama Department’s exciting production projectdcall the familiar characters from the Renaissance into the modern world, helping us to see this brilliant story- and its darker side- in a new way.


The Duke of Venice - Ted Pegg

The Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia - Rohit Ramchandand

The Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia - Rob Waiser

Antonio, a merchant of Venice - William Chadwick

Bassanio, his friend and suitor to Portia - Trevor Martin

Solanio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - Jay D’Aoust

Salerio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - Chris Goddard

Gratiano, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - Brad Goddard

Lorenzo, in love with Jessica - James Barr

Shylock, a Jew - Joel Greenberg*

Tubal, a Jew, his friend - Ted Pegg

Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock - Andy Trithardt

Portia, a rich heiress, of Belmont - Emily Boutet

Nerissa, her waiting-woman - Erin Brandenburg

Jessica, daughter to Shylock - Jen Waescher

Attendants - Jef Gagnon, Cindy Hackelberg, Leigh McClymont, Cathleen McKague, Romina Oliverio, John Robertson, Anne Scott

*Joel Greenberg took over the role of Shylock mid-way through the rehearsal process after the actor cast original in this role, Alex Pak, had to withdraw for family reasons


Director - Joel Greenberg

Set and Costume Designer - William Chesney

Lighting Designer - Glenn Davidson

Sound Designer - Raj Gill

Dramaturg - Gerd Hauck


Stage Manager - Jenna Pollard

Assistant Stage Managers - Chris Lee, Natalie Herr, Geoff Cowper-Smith

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Assistant Technical Director - Fraser Smith

Student Assistant Technical Directors - Jef Gagnon, Trevor Martin

Production Manager - Dale Boyer

Wardrobe Supervisor - Jocelyne Sobeski

Wardrobe Head - Meredith Kenzie

Wardrobe Crew - Stephanie Coleman, Allison Jowett, Munria Murphy, Jill Smith

Lighting Operator - Graham Williams

Lighting Crew - Kristin Heffner, Will Migory, Andy Trithardt, Julia Turzanski, Nic Veriker

Props Head - Cheri-Anne Paisley

Props Crew - Janine Auger, Jessica Bowman, Amy Rosebush

Sound Operator - Jeremy Taylor

Scenic Paint Head - Erica McNiece

Scenic Paint Crew - Amanda Clancy, Nick Cumming, Tina Teeninga

Publicity - Joyce Hahn

Graphic Designer - Yen Chu

Program - Gerd Hauck

Running Crew - Rochelle Allan

Front of House - Tammy Eveland

Front of House/Publicity Assistants - Rachel Molnar, Erika Sedge


Aird Centre (WLU), Eldon Gallery, Hi-Lon Glass, Mariela Gutierrez, Peter Carette Theatre Centre, Scott Carrothers, Stratford Festival Warehouse, Theatre Aquarius Prop Shop, Theatre Sheridan