A Midsummer Night's Dream 1990

A Midsummer Night's Dream 1990 posterBy William Shakespeare

Directed by: William Chadwick

Performances: March 20, 23, 24, 1990

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

A Midsummer Night's Dream is SHakespeare's most popular play. It is also his funniest. The play is about love. All the characters in the play, both the human ones and the not so human ones are in love. Or want to be in love. Or try to be in love. Or try to stop others from being in love. Or become jealous, or hateful, or just generally mixed up because of love. "The course of true love never did run smooth" pretty well summarizes the actions of the play, and it is Puck who has the bestdescription of human beings when they are caughtup in the magic of this strange emotion. "Lord what fool these mortals be." 


Anne Hoselton - Hippolyta/Titania

Sean Saunders - Theseus/Oberon

Dave Brown - Egeus

Bernard Kearney -  Lysander

Craig Mason - Demetrius

Christine Brubacker - Hermia

Darlene Spencer - Helena

Marvin Hinz - Bottom

Alanna McLean - Quince

Darren McCaffery - Flute/Thisby

Randy Streich -  Snout/Wall

Marc Colavincenzo - Starveling/Moon

Michael Albert - Snug/Lion

Cathy Janzen - Puck

Irene Binstock - Hippoltya's/Titania's Attendants

Naomi Sneickus - Hippoltya's/Titania's Attendants 

Sara Smith - Hippoltya's/Titania's Attendants

Tanya Ross - Hippoltya's/Titania's Attendants

John Salvini - Theseus's/Oberon's Attendants

Sam Kassa - Theseus's/Oberon's Attendants

Bev Haffner - Theseus's/Oberon's Attendants

Jane Hammond - Philostrate

Holly Bristow - Changeling Boy


Director - William Chadwick

Costume Co-Ordinator - Marian Marshall

Lighting Design - Craig Smith

Stage Manager - Paula Steffler

Assistant Stage Managers - Karen Morton & Briana Wherry

Props - Irene Binstock

           Michael McGinn

Sound - Pam Weeks

Lighting Board Operator - Simon Foote

​Publicity - Marjorie Bruce

Painting & Set Construction -Drama 244 Class

Special Thanks

UW Theatre Centre

Teresa Desantis

Collins House of Formals, Waterloo

Imperial Optical Company

Sue Birtch

East Side Mario's

Karen Tuddenham 

Barb & Michael Steffler