Absurd Person Plural PosterAn Evening of Three Absurdist Plays

Performances: February 6-9 & 13-16, 2002 

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities Building

Absurd Person Plural featured the work of Samuel Beckett, John Guare and Harold Pinter, three playwrights who captured the growing unease of an impersonal world through the 1950's and early 1960's. Play (Beckett), The Lovliest Afternoon of the Year (Guare), and The Dumb Waiter (Pinter) reflected European, British and American responses to a world in which individuals are all essentially adrift, struggling to connect with other human beings.

Bleak? Yea, but funny in spite of the pain. These writers were also part of a generation that gave birth to the term "black comedy," the artists who felt that laughter is a necessary response to pain and anxiety.

Without them, there would not be playwrights like Woody Allen, Christopher Durang, Joe Orton or George F. Walker.