Alice (Experiments) In Wonderland

Alice Experiments in Wonderland posterWritten by John ​W. Shafer, adapted from the works of Lewis Carroll

Directed by: George Brown, Gerd Hauck, and John Shafer

Performances: January 24-27,31 & February 1-3, 2008

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

Lewis Ca​rroll’s ageless fantasia got an electronic overhaul that drew audiences into an Internet2 wonderland.

Performed as a collaborative partnership between the UCF Conservatory Theatre, Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, and the University of Waterloo.

“Alice Experiments In Wonderland” was a partnership between the UCF Conservatory Theatre, Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, and the University of Waterloo, which simultaneously staged the show live using high-speed broadband connections, 2-D and 3-D sets and ceiling-high screens.

Each university had its own cast of characters who performed on their respective stages with virtual actors “beamed” in via Internet2, a much faster version of the Internet available to higher-ed institutions.

The goal of “Alice” was to produce the first affordable and easily replicable show that merges three universities’ stages, casts and crews into one interactive experience. And, lay the groundwork for theatre companies around the world to work together for the benefit of their audiences.

About 300 students, faculty and staff from the three universities have worked on “Alice” for months — brainstorming costumes, scenes and settings in online forums. While the technology is state-of-the art, the play’s storyline remains family friendly — with a few modern tweaks, of course. Alice sports an iPod and Ugg boots. She befriends a computer-hacking Mad Hatter. And the Cheshire Cat rides a razor scooter.


Alice - Kate Teddiman

Cheshire Cat - Victoria Baltulis

Technowizard - Jeff Ulrich

White Rabbit - Sean Errey

Caterpillar - Kimberlee Walker

Door Mouse - Rebecca Steiner

Tweedle Dum - Brenda Pilatzke

Card 7 - Amy O’Grady

King of Hearts - Tom Fawcett

Cards - Candice Appio, Lauren Badiuk, Alex Barnard, Amy Holodinsky, Cecile Jenny, Kaitlyn Kaminski, Hannah Michielsen, Jessica Smith, Ada Tsang, Amy Wells, Shaw Forgeron

White Queen* - Julie Kern

*for certain performances, the role of the White Queen will be played by Amy O’Grady.


Co-Director - Gerd Hauck

Assistant Director - Leonard Mario Zgrablic

Co-Adapter - Amy Sensenstein

Lighting Design - Scott Spidell

Sound Design - Amy Allen


Stage Manager (Production) - Jessica Moore

Stage Manager (Rehearsals) - Joe Recchia

Asst. Stage Manager (Book) - Fran Barker

Asst. Stage Manager (Wardrobe) - Kendra Marr

Technical Director - Andy Allen

Asst. Technical Director - Fraser Smith

Theatre Manager - Jennifer O’Connor

Head of Publicity - Robin Atchison

Publicity Assistants - Jenna Kennedy, Lisa McCallum

Head of Wardrobe - Jocelyne Sobeski

Wardrobe Assistant - Miranda Francis

Wardrobe Crew - Jessalyn Broadfoot, Jeremy Hawkins, Jenna Kennedy, Christina Olinski, Amy O’Grady, Cassie Piroutz, Kayla Pratt, Kate Teddiman

Lighting Operator - Amber Regier

Sound Operator - Marc Rowley

Media Operator - Joe Recchia

Camera Operators - Steven Chen, David Lam, Kendra Marr, Amy Sensenstein

Crestron Operator - Monty Martin

DVTS Operator - Steven Chen

Head of Props - Joe Recchia

Video Montage - Monty Martin

Make-Up Coordinator - Christina Olinski

Dramaturgy - Drama 490 class

Poster Design - Yen Chu Hauck

IT Management - Vic Neglia, Guillermo Fuentes

CCAT Manager - Scott Spidell

House Management - Darcy Patrick, Rachael Barna

Administrative Assistant - Robin Atchison

Special Thank You to

Robin Atchison

David Campbell (Stratford Shakespeare Festival)

Ken Coates (Dean of Arts)

Karen Collins (CCAT)

Guillermo Fuentes, Keith McGowan and Victor Neglia (Arts Computing Office)

Miranda Francis

Dik Lee

Kevin and Jonathan Qualter

Glenn Stillar (CCAT)

Tamara Stoll and André Quenneville (ORION)

Jim Stewart (Stratford Shakespeare Festival)

Mary Zgrablic

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival