The Bacchae PosterEuripides' Classic Tragedy       

Directed by: William Chadwick

Performances: November 18-21, 1992

Matinee: November 19, 1992

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


The God Dioysus (aka Bacchus, aka Bromius) returns to Thebes, the city where he was born to Semele, his human mother who was destroyed while giving birth to him, and Zeus. Semele was the daughter of Cadmus, the former king. Another daughter, Agave, is the mother of Penthus, the present young and inexperienced ruler of the city. Dionsysus returns with his band of Bacchic followers in order to force Thebes to recognized his divinity and accept his worship. Pentheus resists him.


The Bacchae - Jennifer Clark, Kym Clow, Melanie Knapp, Robyn McMeekin, Joanna Mills, Mary Moore, Karri North, Kimwun Perehinec, Sarah Weber

Dionysus - Joel Harris

Pentheus - Roger Lemke

Cadmus - Maurice Evans *

Teiresias - Anthony Bristow

Messenger - Mark McGrinder

Attendant #1 - Joey Morin

Attendant #2 - Dan Jose

Herdsman - Brad Curtin

Agave - Darlene Spencer

The Child - Holly

* By Special Permission of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association

Creative Team

Director – William Chadwick

Set/Costume Design – Maxine Graham

Light Design – Mike McDonald

Choreographer -Leanne Gregory

Production Team

Stage Manager – Lesley Coughlan Storm

Assistant Director – Tara Kallwitz

Assistant Designer – David M. James

Costume Coordinator – Jocelyne Sobeski

Master Carpenter – Dan Kelley

Properties – Adam McArthy

Master Electrician – Cheryl Ewing

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Costume Mistress – Samara Nicholds

Sound Operator – Patricia Johnson

Assistant Stage Manager – Thomas W. Kelly, Penney Shore

Assistant Props – Jennifer Epps

Costume Assistants – Leanna Nash, Theresa Vaughn

Carpentry – Emily Madghachlian, Anand Rajaram, Dylan Robert, Joel Harris

Scenic Painter – Jamie Beesley, Paul Bethel

Special Thanks

Alex Kordics

Drayton Festival

Chris Knarr

The Grad Club

Wilfred Laurier University

Mr. Johnson

Tom Iwan & The Rabbit’s Choice

Sandra & Chad

Naser Makhar (Aladdin Restaurant)

Mother Nature

Allan MacMillan (Leah Posluns Theatre)