A Berlin Cabaret PosterBy Maarten van Dijk with the help of Brecht, Eisler, Holländer, Kastner, Mehring, Tucholsky, Weill and others

Performances: February 7-10 & 14-17, 1996

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities Building


Real, raunchy, rebellious ... They called her the tenth Muse.  When she was “on” she was sexy, fashionable, and politically savvy.  Who was she?  She was Cabaret in Berlin of the Weimar Republic, and Waterloo’s Drama Department is presenting a look at this rare beauty in a stimulating evening of song, satire, and laughter.  Many of the songs are presented in English for the first time in a typical Cabaret setting.  Enjoy a glass of wine or beer while discovering the clever rhymes and catchy tunes that made this art form famous in Berlin of the 20's and early 30's.  There are pirates, sailors, prostitutes, fat-cats, and the unemployed -- there is even a tattooed lady.  Their songs have a startling relevance to our own times of cut-backs and “rationalization”.  Music by Hanns Eisler, Kurt Weill, Friedrich Holländer, and others.  Lyrics by Kurt Tucholsky, Bertolt Brecht, and more.  Experience the cheeky wit and deep feeling of these real Cabaret classics.


Dave Brown

Shari Deamude

John Dietrich

Karen Gladding

Joey Morin

Andrea Renaud

Dylan Roberts

Creative Team

Director - Maarten van Dijk

Set Design - William Chesney

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Charmain Zoll

Music Director - Robin Feick

Pianist - Phyllis Halverson

Production Team

Stage Manager - Heather Roberts

Assistant Stage Managers - Catherine Seeback, Sean Vivian

Production Manager - Sandy Burke

Head of Lighting - Mike Haltrecht

Light Crew - Ruth Kelly, Geoff Kolomayz, Ryan Tyndall, 

Head of Sound - Tanya Williams

Sound Crew - Mike Haltrecht

Dance Captain - Andrea Renaud

Head of Carpentry - Jason Finucan

Head of Scenic Painting - Michelle DePestel

Carpentry/Scenic Paint Crew - Lucia Favarin, Angela Marshall

Head of Props - Kristine Mahler

Props Crew - Tina Robinson, Tom Leslie

Head of Wardrobe - Kevin Price

Wardrobe Crew - Chris Johnson, Tigger McCullough, Jennifer Schooley

Head of Publicity - Joyce Hahn

Publicity Crew - Joan Charlebois, Stacey Schat

Photography - Charmain Zoll

Technical Director - Geoff Kolomayz

Assistant Technical Director - Tom Leslie

Page Turners - Jennifer Anderson, Mei Ch’ng, Andrea Knowles, Linda Patton

Special Thanks

Audio Visual Department                     

Jennifer Schooley

Galt Little Theatre       

St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School