The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour PosterBy Lillian Hellman​

Directed by: Brian Richmond

Perfromances: February 12-15, 1997

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


"The Children’s Hour” details the damage done when spiteful Mary Tilford whispers to her influential grandmother that her headmistresses Martha Dobie and Karen Wright are involved in “unnatural acts”.  Unable to disprove the lie, Martha and Karen lose their school and a subsequent libel case.  At the play’s conclusion, the dangerous lie is revealed but it is too late to restore lives ruined forever.


Helen - Claudine Albreish

Grocery Boy - Dave Brown

Mrs. Tilford - Lloy Coutts

Janet - Diane Flynn

Lois - Claire Francis

Peggy - Erin Kell

Rosalie - Lisa Kennedy

Karen - Krista Paige Little

Mary - Aine Magennis

Agatha - Allison Oleszkowicz

Leslie - Jennifer Parker

Martha - Heather Roberts

Evelyn - Catherine Seeback

Joe - Calvin Sweers

Catherine - Nadine Thornhill

Mrs. Mortar - Lory Wainberg

Creative Team

Director – Brian Richmond

Set Design – William Chesney

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design – David James

Production Team

Stage Manager – Tigger McCullough

Assistant Stage Managers - Angela Marshall, Ryan Tyndall

Assistant Director – Diane Flynn

Production Manager – Laura Pattison

Technical Director/ Theatre of the Arts – Scott Spidell

Assistant Technical Director – Tim Jackson

Head of Lighting Crew – Mike Haltrecht

Lighting Crew – Dave Brown, Bart Cormier, Laurie Hindson

Head of Sound Crew – Tom Leslie

Sound Crew – Caroline White

Head of Carpentry Crew – Scott Elliott

Carpentry Crew – Teresa Bruinsma, Kristen Burke, Jay D’ Aoust

Head of Scenic Painting Crew – Dave McCormick

Scenic Painting Crew - Natalie Budd

Head of Properties Crew – Linda Patton

Prop Crew – Henry Brockzowski, Jennifer Parker 

Head of Wardrobe Crew – Alkan Emin

Wardrobe Crew/ Dressers – Andrea Peterson, Nadine Thornhill

Photographer – Charmion Zoll

Head of Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant – Andrea Renaud

Publicity/ House Manager Assistant -Trina Sookhai

Research Assistant – Anouk Vanherf

House Manager/ Theatre of the Arts – Tom Leslie

Special Thanks

Bonnie’s Ceramics

Patton Family

Canadian Stage Prop Shop

Phoebe Saad

Grand Theatre Prop Shop