The Country Wife PosterBy William Wycherley​

Adapted by: William Chadwick        

Directed by: Joel Greenberg

Performances: March 16-19, 1994

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building


More than 300 years have passed since Mr. Pinchwife, Lady Fidget, Dr. Quack, and Old Lady Squeamish stepped out of the mind of William Wycherley and onto the playhouse stage outraging audiences with their bawdy language and, at the same time, convulsing them with the satiric wit that remains the hallmark of this Restoration comedy -- THE COUNTRY WIFE.

The plot revolves around Mr. Horner, a notorious womanizer, who sets in motion a rumour that he is a eunuch - a rumour that will allow him access to various husbands' wives. One wife - Mrs. Margery Pinchwife - is naive and unschooled in London's social world of deceit and hypocrisy and is, therefore, a prime target for Horner's insatiable appetite.

Countless men and women - each after his/her own immoral victory - manages to confuse and confound  the plot which spins wildly out of control in a manner reminiscent of French farce.


Mark McGrinder – Dr. Quack

Roger Lemke – Horner

Jonathan Goad – Harcourt

Jason Burke – Dorilant

Anand Rajaram – Sir Jasper

Joel Harris – Sparkish

Dylan Roberts – Pinchwife

Leanna Nash – Mrs. Pinchwife

Nancy Forde – Alithea

Kimwun Perehinec – Lucy

Emily Madghachian – Lady Fidget

Stephanie McCarthy – Mrs. Dainty Fidget

Julie MacLeod – Mrs. Squeamish

Jen Clark – Lady Squeamish

Paul Bethel – Attendant

Penny Shore – Attendant

Brad Curtin – Boy/ Attendant

Dave Clements – Attendant

Creative Team

Directors – Joel Greenberg, Jennifer Epps

Set Design – William Chesney

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Light Design – Terry Tremeer

Production Manager/ Technical Director – Scott Spidell

Stage Manager – Sandra Janzen

Master Electrician/ Sound Coordinator – Tim Jackson

Properties – Paul Fromme

Head Carpenter – Samara Nicholds

Sound Board Operator – Mercy Valamparampil

Light Board Operator – Les Coughlan Storm

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Photography – Dave Thomson

Assistant Stage Managers – Susan Hurst, Megan Leef

Costume Assistants – Shannon Peters, Theresa Vaughan, Deborah Hebblethwaite, Patricia Johnson, Jan Forsythe

Properties Assistant – Nancy Forde

Carpentry Assistants – Tammy Grant, Dave Clements, Geoff Kolomayz, Mark McGrinder, 

Set Painters – Shari Deamude, Alanna McLean

Special Thanks

Alumni Affairs

Sheridan College


University Club

Alex Kordics, (Technical Director, Theatre of the Arts)

UW Catering