Crucible Project PosterBased on the play by Arthur Miller

Directed by: Kim Renders

Performances: March 20-23, 2002

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in response to an episode in American history known as the McCarthy Era. Now, more than fifty years later, the students of the University of Waterloo Drama Department are responding to Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Using the process known as theatrical collective creation, the cast of The Crucible Project have departed from the original concept of using the Salem witchcraft trials as a metaphor for the communist scare in the U.S. and have taken Miller's story and text to inspire their own ideas and theatrical images. Not only have elements of the text been explored and theatrically deconstructed, but students have also examined and dramatized their own issues inspired by The Crucible. The resultant production is a collage of images created by the students, thematically linked both by The Crucible and the story behind the play. The work is conceptual; often visual and poetic. Our goal has been as much to experiment with the art for m as it has been to re-tell the story using the performers' own words and images. This approach has allowed student cast members to define the creative process for themselves, and to take responsibility for the final product both as authors and actors.

                                                                   -Kim Renders, Director