A Doll's House PosterBy Henrik Ibsen

Translated by: Ingmar Bergman       

Directed by: Lloy Coutts

Performances: October 18-21, 1995

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


The classic play about a husband who treats his wife, Nora, like a plaything to be wound up on demand; and about a wife who so loves her husband that she commits forgery for him. Ultimately, she must close the door on her past as she begins a greater journey of self-discovery.


Torvald Helmer - Calvin Sweers

Nora Helmer - Christy Morrow

Mrs. Linde - Lesley Dowey

Dr. Rank - Dylan Roberts

Nils Krogstad - Joey Morin

Creative Team

Director – Lloy Coutts

Set Design – William Chesney

Costume Design – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design – Peter B. Carette

Production Team

Production Stage Manager – Geoff Kolomayz

Assistant Stage Managers – Laura Pattison, Heather Roberts

Assistant Production Manager – Sean Vivian

Assistant Technical Director – Michael Haltrecht

Head of Lighting Crew – Charmion Zoll

Lighting Crew - Danna Evans, Jason Finucan, Laurie Hindson, Ryan Tyndall

Head of Sound – Tigger McCullough

Head of Carpentry – Robin Feick

Set Crew – Tom Leslie, Juston Sharratt, Tanya Williams

Head of Properties – Megan Leef

Props Crew – Leah Barwick, Lucia Favarin #, Christian Johnson, Kevin Price

Head of Wardrobe - Amanda Ray

Wardrobe Crew – Michelle Depestell, Ruth Kelly, Tina Robinson, Catherine Seeback

Head of Scenic Painting Crew -Teresa Dunat

Scenic Painting Crew – Rhonda Gilson, Marlene Sutton

Running Crew – Greg Hall *, Tigger McCullough, Catherine Seeback, Kevin Price

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant / Assistant House Manager – Katrina Ballantine #

Photographer – Patrick Wey

Technical Director, Drama – Scott Spidell

*Eastwood Collegiate Co-Op Student

#University of Ulster Exchange Student

Special Thanks

Canadian Stage Props Department

Sal Dawood

Michael Haltrecht

Justin Minns

Prof. Ronning, Pure Math

Rhonda Ryman

Theatre Sheridan Props Department

Teresa Bruinsma

Jonathan Dietrich

Mary Hartnett

Laurie Hindson

Una Kitching

Angela Marshall

Stacey Schat