Dusa, Fish, Stas & VI

Dusa, Fish, Stas & VIBy Pam Gems

Directed by: William Chadwick

Performances: October 20-23, 1993

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building

Dusa, Fish, Stas & VI, a poignant British Comedy by Pam Gems, deals with four young women (the Dusa, Fish, Stas & VI of the title) who, for various reasons, are living apart from their husbands and lovers while trying to reassemble the shattered strands of their lives and relationships. In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes deeply affecting play, the four endeavour to help each other in pulling their lives together and in finding the sense of purpose and individuality which can be so elusive in contemporary society.

Directed by William Chadwick, and featured performances by Stephanie McCarthy, Emily Madghachian, Sarah Weber, and Jennifer Clark, this production was alternately touching and funny as it explored the intricacies and pitfalls of four women's relationships with themselves, each other and society.

Set Design by Bill Chesney, lighting design by Bruce Rorrison and costume design  by Jocelyne Sobeski.


Stephanie McCarthy – Dusa

Emily Madghachian – Fish

Sarah Weber – Stas

Jennifer Clark – VI

Creative Team

Director – William Chadwick

Set Designer – William Chesney

Costume Designer – Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Designer – Bruce Rorrison

Production Team

Production Manager – Mike MacDonald

Stage Manager – Lucy Reus

Technical Director – Terry Tremeer

Assistant Stage Manager – Theresa Vaughan, Robin Carrey

Head Carpenter – Scott Spidell

Scenic Painter – Leslie Warren

Carpenter – Jonathan Goad

Head Electrician/ Board Operator – John Penford

Sound Coordinator – Tim Jackson

Sound Operator – Anna Graham

Properties Mistress – Deborah Hebblethwaite

Properties Assistant – Carla Barbone, Megan Leef

Assistant Wardrobe Mistress – Susan Hurst, Sunny Park

Public Relations – Les Coughlan Storm

Technical Director, Drama Department – Al Anderson

Technical Director, Theatre of the Arts – Alex Kordics

Publicity – Joyce Hahn