Female Parts PostersWritten by Franca Rame anil Danrio Fo

Directed by: Claudine Albreish, Rhonda Gilson-Deer, Aine Magennis,  Heather Roberts, Vickie Sloan 

Performances: October 8-11, 15-18, 1997 

Venue: Studio HH 180, Hagey Hall

Aine Magennis, Heather Roberts, Vicki sloan, Claudine Albreish and Rhona Gilson Deer play in this aggressive, in-your-face comedy which spares no one. Described as "a hard hiiting and very funny collection of pieces."


Waking Up - Claudine Albreish

The Whore in the Madhouse - Rhonda Gilson-Deer

Same Old Story - Aine Magennis

A Woman Alone - Heather Roberts

The Dancing Mistress: On The Assembly Line - Vicki Sloan

Creative Team

Directors – Claudine Albreish, Rhonda Gilson-Deer, Aine Magennis, Heather Roberts, Vicki Sloan

Set / Lighting Design – Tigger McCillough

Stage Manager/ Sound Operator – Mish Boutet

Production Team

Production Manager – Danna Evans

Lighting Operator – Heather Wilford

Speaker – Dave Brown

Construction Crew Chief – Ruth Kelly

Construction Crew – Richard Boychuck, Bettina Gaspar, Chris Goddard, Cyrus Lane, Roberto Machado, Andrew Renner

House Manager – Terry Harvel

Publicity – Joyce Hahn

Front of House/ Publicity – Margaret McKnight, Beth Wingert

Technical Director – Sean Vivian

Special Thanks

Lloy Coutts

Bill Chesney

Scott Spidell

Joyce Hahn

Jocelyne Sobeski

Joe Greenberg

William Chadwick

Magennis Family

Albreish Family & Lexi

Sloan Family

Gilson Family

Christina Reynolds

Amanda Roberts

Scott Ruth


Home Hardware

Dave Brown

Tim Jackson

Shoukry Saleh

Wendy Saleh



Marian Keriakos

Big T (Mr. Buff)

Jane Foster

Wendall Prime

Shawn Deer

Crazee Jen

Jay Jones

Mike McEleny

Knights of Columbus (Brampton)

Shaun Carson

Kwok Wai Chan (Trombonist)

Peter Carrette

John Bolt

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