Masks on Meds posterThe doctors of the Commedia dell’Arte

Directed by: Gabrielle Houle

Performances: February 3-6, 2010

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities Building


Come and have a taste of our medicine! Masks on Meds presents a roller coaster of events featuring colourful masked characters inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte tradition, a form of popular theatre mostly performed in comic mode and based on the skills of the actors. Boasting doctors, confused bourgeois, cunning servants, and splendid Lovers will feature in two farces: Molière’s The Flying Doctor and Rolfe’s The Dumb Wife. Both plays, directed by Gabrielle Houle with the Drama students at the University of Waterloo, provide the audience with a delectable taste of popular entertainment, masked performance, sense of improvisation and actors’ inventions. Step into a world where doctors and charlatans use both their knowledge and idiocy to cure their desperate patients!


The Dumb Wife

Emma Dines - Dottore

Lisa Massaro - Brighella

Kate Teddimen - Vesuvia

The Flying Doctor

Zach Parsons - Valere

Emma Dines - Sabine

Chai Lavie - Sganaralle

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho - Gorgibus

Cassandra Piroutz - Gros Rene

Sonia Laposi - Lucile

Cecile Jenny - The Lawyer

Creative Team

Director - Gabrielle Houle

Set & Prop Designer - Joe Recchia

Costume Designer - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Designer - Dave Metcalfe

Sound Designer - Andy Allen

Stage Manager - Kayla Pratt

Assistant Stage Manager - Ada Tsang

Production Team

Head of Production - Scott Spidell

Production Manager - Darcy Patrick

Head Carpenter - Gill Lesperance

Carpentry/Paint Crew - David Bui, Mark Moon, Jenn Schmolling, Jessica Singh

Head of Props - Reid Vanier

Props Crew - Emily Brame, Brittany Leite, Olivia Ng, Sarah Sosnoski, Lauren Theobalds

Head of Scenic Painting - Hannah Michielsen

Head of Lighting - Heather Muir

Lighting Crew - Lauren Charette, Chai Lavie, David Morgan, Patrick Pinnell, Deanna Underwood

Head of Publicity - Robin Atchison

Publicity/Front of House - Jana Zacharias

Poster - Yen Chu

Sound Crew - Tom Duff

Wardrobe Head - Kate Burns

Wardrobe Crew - Leeana Caligagan, Aviva Dreksler, Anthony Fick, Jenny Hunter, Stephanie Ioannides, Laura Reitzel, Adele Robert

Live Music: Cecile Jenny

Mask-Makers - Atelier Pirate, Bruce Marrs, Carlo Setti, Gabrielle Houle, JK. Berati

Program: Ada Tsang