A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream PosterBy William Shakespeare

Directed by: Joel Greenberg

Performances: November 13-16, 2002

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building


A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s perfect play, brings together inexperienced but energetic young lovers, cautious but willing middle-aged lovers and a world of spirits who know too well how easily love can be turned into something comic or tragic.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is, above all, about the thin line between comic and serious attitudes we all tread when we are intoxicated by a love that makes rational behaviour unwelcome and, frankly, deadly dull.

An ensemble of 13 actors will double and triple roles in this UW Drama production, and we hope that the flagrant act of assuming roles and playing out in fantasy what we scarcely allow ourselves to deal with in life will shed new responses to one of Shakespeare’s most produced plays.

Hermia - Lindsey Alston

Flute/Thisbe - James Barr

Snout/Wall - Matt Borch

Snug/Lion - Geoff Cowper-Smith

Egeus/Quince - Nicholas Cumming

Lysander - Daniel Errey

Puck/Philestrate - Jef Gagnon

Starveling/Moonshine - Steph McKay

Bottom/Pyramus - John E. Robertson

Helena - Erika Sedge

Demetrius - Jeremy Taylor

Theseus/Oberon - Andy Trithardt

Hippolyta/Titania - Lesley Tumber

Director - Joel Greenberg

Assistant Director - Meredith Kenzie

Set Design - Bill Chesney

Lighting Design - Lesley Wilkinson

Associate LX Design - Wendy Greenwood

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Production Manager - Nicholas Cumming

Stage Manager - Jessica Bowman

Assistant Stage Manager - Jennifer Cook

Assistant Stage Manager - Sarah O'Neill

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Technical Director - Fraser Smith

Publicity - Joyce Hahn

LX Heads - Darryl Gardner, Avi Caplan

Carps Head - Scott Banks

Props Head - Rana Salimi

Paint Head - Brett Haynes

Wardrobe Head - Leigh McClymont

LX Crew - Alex Barron, Monika Chmiel, David Devine, Travis Hatt, Denise Hill, Diana Knoll, Glen Lombard, Jessica O'Connor

Carps Crew - Rasheed Ali, Heather Bedard, Dana Fernald, Greg More, James Peltzer

Props Crew - Lori Anderson, Samantha Leask, Laura Thomas

Paint Crew - Celeste Dickson, Robyn Joffe, Lucy Lee, Miranda Warner

Wardrobe Crew - Lindsay Alston, Victoria Grant, Krystina Labadie, Eloisa Liquiran, Julia Schuessler

Sound Crew - Sean Chesney, Christina Romasz

Publicity/FOH - Ariel Bourbonnais, Amaranth Day, Erika Kottelenberg