A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream PosterBy William Shakespeare

Directors: William Chadwick

                Lloy Coutts

Performances: November 25-28,1998

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern                Languages Building


A Midsummer Night's Dream announces its wonderful strangeness from the very start. As a dream, it invites a more generous suspension of disbelief. As a midsummer dream, it raises expectations of love and lunacy, communal festivities and the heightened activity of preternatural beings.

The Dream is also, of all Shakespeare's plays, the one most obviously about plays. Athens' artisans cast their piece, tackle its staging problems, begin to rehearse (until the mischievous Puck makes an ass of Bottom), and, in the end, perform it before the Duke on his wedding day - perform it so badly, so brilliantly, that they transform the tragedy of "Pyramus and Thisbe" into comedy.

Bottom, the irrepressible amateur cast as Pyramus, represents the bottom of the Athenian social order too. Indeed he redefines that bottom when bearing the head of an ass on the body of a man, and as such, epitomizes the topsy-turviness of the world of the play: when he is most bestial he is most loved by the most lofty of creatures, Titania, the fairy queen.

This odd couple enjoys one of the many discordant relationships in The Dream. Duke Theseus won Hippolyta, he says, by doing her injury, about which she might have mixed feelings still. Hermia's feelings are clear: threatened by strict patriarchal laws to marry Demetrius, she elopes with her beloved Lysander, who (given Puck's mistake) falls for Helena, who loves Demetrius, who (given Puck's correction) also falls for Helena, who blames Hermia, who attacks Helena, ... Strained relationships, however, like the disturbing potential of fairies and dreams, are the very stuff of Shakespearean comedy, the stuff to be transformed into "so musical a discord, such sweet thunder" as the baying of Theseus's hounds.

Ted McGee

Cast - A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Court

Theseus - Alex Pak

Hippolyta - Becki Tolcher

Egeus - Tony Bristow

Philostrate - Paul Moukperian

The Lovers

Hermia - Emily Oriold

Lysander - Chris Goddard

Demetrius - Trevor Martin

Helena - Melissa Roe

The Mechanicals

Peter Quince - Brad Goddard

Bottom - Norm Friend

Flute - Ben Janzen

Snout - Kevin Rowley

Snug - Parnelli Parnes

Starveling - Jay D’Aoust

The Fairies

Oberon - Alex Pak

Puck - Erin Kell, Trina Sookhai, Julie Blake

Titania - Becki Tolcher

First Fairy - Erin Brandenburg

Fairies - David Ellis, Kate Hill, Megan Flynn, Trevor Copp

Indian Boy - Charlotte Chadwick

Creative Team

Director - Wm. Chadwick

Director - Lloy Coutts

Set Design  - William Chesney

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Stephen Degenstein

Music & Sound Design - Greg Leclair

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Production Team

Stage Manager - Angela Marshal

Asst. Stage Managers - Mike Haltrecht, Terri Harvel, Beth Wingert

Student Production Manager - Marla Nicholls

Asst. Tech Director - Stephen Bailey

Head of Lighting - Marla Nicholls

Lighting Crew - Dale Boyer, Sam Campbell, Tervor Copp, Daryl Kropf, Trevor Martin, Eric Vinagreiro

Asst. Costume Designer - Jenna Pollard

Head of Wardrobe - Heidi VanKuik

Wardrobe Crew - Nancy McCune, Julie Moore, Emily Oriold, Melissa Roe, Michelle Sammut, Erica Solomon

Head of Carpentry - Stephen Bailey

Carpentry Crew - Dale Boyer, Sam Campbell, Tina Eidukaitis, Norm Friend, Allyson Hoffman, Erikca Solomon, Eric Vinagreiro

Head of Props - Sharon Adams

Props Crew - Erin Brandenburg, Allyson Hoffman, Jenna Pollard

Head of Scenic Painting - Tina Eidukaitis

Scenic Painting Crew - Sharon Adams, Erin Brandenburg, Jenna Pollard

Musical Composers - Sharon Adams, Brent Blayney, Mark Feeney

Sound Crew - Daryl Kropf, Ted Pegg

Head of Publicity - Joyce Hahn

Publicity Crew - Heather Wilford, Nancy McCune, Julie Moore

Running Crew - Sam Campbell, Jef Gagnon

House Manager - Mehnaz Quadri

Front of House - Nancy McCune

Photographer - Charmion Zoll

Special Thank yous to:

Rev. George Ferris

Hiretech Systems

Carl Hennig

Bernard Hopkins

Chris Knfarr

Michael MacLean

Stratford Festival

Kathleen Waite