Oh, What a Lovely War!

Oh, What a Lovely War PosterDeveloped by Theatre Workshop

Based on the Radio Play "The Long Long Trail" by Charles Chilton and "The Donkeys" by Alan Clark

Directed by: Joel Greenberg &                              Catherine Seeback

Performances: November 11-15, 1997

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

Joan Littlewood's famous Theatre Workshop musical is about th Great War, one of the central events of the twentieth century. Here are the songs of the period - "Pack Up Your Troubles", :Keep The Home Fires Burning", "I Wore A Tulip", "It's A Long Long Trail" - mixed in with the sobering facts of this most destructive of wars, plus the humour and indomitable spirit of the soldier in the trenches, and wicked satire on their commanding officers. Features will be the Canadian contribution to this war in such battles as Vimy Ridge where, some have said, the country came of age.



Cast - Oh, What a Lovely War!

Mark Besz

Bart Cormier

Jonathan C. Dietrich

Teresa Dunat

Geoff Evans

Brid Fitzgerald

Norm Friend

Bettina Gaspar

Brad Goddard

Chris Goddard

Sharon Kelly

Cyrus Lane

Erik Mogensen

Nadine Thornhill

Eric Vinagreiro

Creative Team

Directors - Joel Greenberg, Catherine Seeback

Musical Director - Peter de Sousa

Set Deisgn - William Chesney

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Kevin Fraser

Sound Design - Tim Jackson

Additional Script Material - William Chadwick


Peter de Sousa  - Piano/Synthesizer

Stephen Eelhart  - Percussion

Jennifer Rodriques - Clarinet/Flute

Jacqueline Sadler - Bass

Tara White - Trumpet

Production Team

Stage Manager - Angela Marshall

Production Manager - Danna Evans

Assistant Stage Managers: Sandy Burke, Melanie Klodt, Heather Wilford

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Asst. Tech Director - Tigger McCullough

Head of Carpentry - Mish Boutet

Carpentry Crew - Richard Boychuk, Andrew Renner, Rob Paul

Scenic Painting Crew - Bettina Gaspar

Head of Wardrobe - Erin Kell

Wardrobe Crew - Joanna Bandziorowski, Allison Bobor, Jen Duncan, Sharon Kelly, Trisha Lane

Head of Lighting - Mike Haltrecht

Spotlight Operator - Joanna Black

Lighting Board Operator - Alex Lamont

Lighting Crew - Brad Goddard, Christina Heydorn, Cyrus Lane, Robert Machado

Sound Crew/Sound Operators - Greg Leclair, Dave McDonnel, Andrew Renner

Head of Props - Amanda Farrell

Props Crew - Joanna Black, Chris Goddard, Heather Wilford

Props Runners - Robert Machado, Andrew Renner

Projection Images - Ruth Kelly, Catherine Seeback

Projectionist - Christina Heydorn

Head of Publicity - Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant - Margaret McKnight, Beth Wingert

House Manager - Terry Harvel

Assistant House Manager - Beth Wingert

Photographer - Charmion Zoll

Special Thank yous to:

Apollo Irringation

John “Frenchy” Berger

Brick Brewery

Peter Carette

Canadian Stage Company

Shawn Clement

Dana Porter Library Staff

Bruce Hauser

Peter Houston

Dona Hrabluk – Shaw Festival Props Shop

Drayton Festival Theatre

Michael Jack

K-W Musical Productions

K-W Surplus

Pete’s Corner Antiques

Master Warrant Officer Rick Quickfall

Show-Tech International

Glenna Sinning

Wilfrid Laurier Drama Dept.

Young People’s Theatre