Oh, What a Lovely War PosterDeveloped by Theatre Workshop

Based on the Radio Play "The Long Long Trail" by Charles Chilton and "The Donkeys" by Alan Clark

Directed by: Joel Greenberg & Catherine Seeback

Performances: November 11-15, 1997

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

Joan Littlewood's famous Theatre Workshop musical is about th Great War, one of the central events of the twentieth century. Here are the songs of the period - "Pack Up Your Troubles", :Keep The Home Fires Burning", "I Wore A Tulip", "It's A Long Long Trail" - mixed in with the sobering facts of this most destructive of wars, plus the humour and indomitable spirit of the soldier in the trenches, and wicked satire on their commanding officers. Features will be the Canadian contribution to this war in such battles as Vimy Ridge where, some have said, the country came of age.