two similar male faces overlappingWritten and Directed by James Miniou

​​Performances: April 4-5, 2014

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities                Building


Admittedly Recursive Decay is a strange title to give to a play, as the name conjures the presence of mathematics and biology.  It sounds more like a slow acting disease than a title for a play.  But this play was about the slow deterioration of a family caused by the repetitive actions of its members.  We are all trapped, in some way, by small acts of repetition.  Little actions that we believe we can control when we start, such as the lighting of a cigarette, but that eventually become so powerful that they control us even when we decide not to perform them.  

With a stage divided into two performing spaces where the same story plays out for two different audiences, the simple idea that everything we do or have ever done is in some way a repetition was explored in all areas of the show’s design.  Both audiences were getting a story about siblings who try to stop re-enacting the toxic relationship of their childhood, and both audiences watched as these siblings failed to divert the course that has been laid out for them. This undergraduate thesis project was produced and performed by a group of talented theatre students from the Department of Drama and Speech Communication as part of their ongoing studies.  


Ryan Basset- Marlon

Alan Shonfield- Marlow

Jane Honek- Leah

Carla Rodrigo- Carleigh

Mollie Garrett- Sandra / Doctor

Creative/Production Team

Academic Advisor -  Andrew Houston

Writer/Director - James Miniou

Stage Manager - Zac Gungl

Assistant Stage Manager - Eric Kim

Sound Design - Derek McGill

Lighting Design - Sam Beuerle

Costume Design - Martina Commisso

Fight Choreographer - Derrick Rabethge

Poster Design - Will Innes

Publicity - Katie Smith

Special Thanks

Sharon Secord

Janelle Rainville

Gill Lesperance

Robert Miniou

Bonnie Miniou

Kelly Hornung

Jennifer Roberts-Smith

Dwight Schmidt

Robin Atchison

Adam Winchester

Soo-Ram Serry Kim

Vanessa Wainright