Romeo & Juliet 1996

Romeo and Juliet posterBy William Shakespeare          

Directed by: William Chadwick

Performances: November 20-23, 1996

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building


The uses and abuses of power is one of the themes of Romeo & Juliet. The Prince, who stands at the apex of the civil power structure in this play has been singularly unsuccessful in maintaining law and order in his society. Capulet and his wife, who may be seen as dysfunctional parents, are manipulative in the matter of their daughter's marriage, and the little we see of Montague suggests that he, too, has lost touch with his son. Even the Friar and the Nurse, who are the only adults that Romeo and Juliet can turn to for advice exercise their power as counselors in a highly questionable manner. They both have a lot to answer for. In a world where civil, parental and other adult guides are so inadequate, it is little wonder that the young end up on the road to disaster. 


Police 1 - Taylor Bastien

Montague - Demetreus Blakemore

Singer - Dave Brown

Montague/Capulet Guest - Michael Boutet

Balthazar - Richard Boychuck

Prince - Jay D’Aoust

Friar Lawrence - Jonathan Dietrich

Paris - Jason Finucan

Romeo - Norm Friend

Montague/Capulet Guest - Melissa Gurney

Nurse - Jenell Harbin

Capulet Serving Girl - Erin Kell

Benvolio - Sharon Kelly

Police 2 - Geoff Kolomayz

Tybalt - Cyrus Lane

Capulet - Tom Leslie

Juliet - Krista Paige Little

Montague Waiter - Roberto Machado

Montague / Hairdresser - Margaret McKnight

Capulet Guest - Stephanie Morson

Peter - Parnelli Parnes

Montague - Andrew Renner

Lady Capulet - Heather Roberts

Mercutio - Calvin Sweers

Apothecary - Sean Vivian

Creative Team

Director - William Chadwick

Set Design - William Chesney

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Graham Frampton

Fight Director - James Binkley

Music Director - Robin Feick

​Production Team

Stage Manager - Diane Flynn

Assistant Stage Managers - Sandy Burke, Marcus Schwenzer, Catherine Seeback

Production Manager - Angela Marshall

Technical Director/Theatre of the Arts - Scott Spidell

Assistant Technical Director/Sound Operator - Bart Cormier

Fight Captain - Geoff Kolomayz

Head of Lighting Crew - Tigger McCullough

Lighting Crew - Claudine Albreish, Marla Posthuma, Juston Sharratt, Garth van Heurden

Head of Sound Crew - Tom Leslie

Head of Carpentry Crew - Pat Race

Carpentry Crew - Stephen Bailey, Dave McCormick, Dave Brown, Jennifer Parker

Head of Scenic Painting Crew - Lauriann Thorne

Scenic Painting Crew - Claire Francis, Nadine Thornhill, 

Head of Properties Crew - Ruth Kelly

Prop Crew - Jay D’Aoust, Andrea Petersen, Vicki Sloan

Heads of Wardrobe - Jenny Anderson, Alkan Emin

Wardrobe Crew - Henry Broczkowski, Natalie Budd, Laurita Lue-Shing, Trina Sookhai, Caroline White

Head of Publicity - Joyce Hahn

Publicity Assistant - Andrea Renaud

House Manager/Theatre of the Arts - Alia Lachanna

Publicity Assistant/Assistant House Manager - Lise-Anne Terpstra

Photographer - Charmion Zoll

Thank You’s

Apple II Hairstylists

Larry McQuarrie

Jonathan Dietrich

Linda Patton

Drayton Festival Theatre

Tom Sloan

Danna Evans

Theatre Sheridan

Metal Welding by Bill Burney

Fountain courtesy of Garden Gate

Wedding Cake courtesy of Lancaster Cake Shoppe