Sex, Lies, And Other Stuff

Sex, Lies, And Other Stuff PosterA Variety Show

Featuring scenes and songs about love, lust, and everything in between             

Performances: December 1-4, 1999

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities Building

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Have you heard? Sex, Lies and Other Stuff, a culmination of skits, scenes and songs, is about, well,  if you haven't already guesses, relationships. The stories of this presentation weave a tale of love and hate, how these feelings can consume your soul, taking over your mind, your life. It is about passion, deceit, being in love, and other such things...

Sex, Lies and Other Stuff '99 is being organized by five individuals, all of whom were students at the University of Waterloo. The three producer are Erin Kell, Jay D'Aoust and Trevor Martin, with Melanie Klodt (production manager) and Stephen Bailey (stage manager) helping with organizing and maintaining status quo. There are several others that are assisting with backstage, such as Julie Blake (assistant stage manager), Greg Leclair (sound design), Darryl Gardner and Jamey Rosen (musician).

The entire production consited of over 20 sketches or tunes, and had several directors. These people and a few of their respective plays are, in alphabetical order, Erin Kell (Dear Amanda), Erik Weissengruber (Women beware Women), Jay D'Aoust (Julia and Bernardo, Dinner Date, Bi-Way, God's Plan), Julie Blake (Hostage), Paul Moukperian​ (Creation of the World & Other Business, Maggie's Last Dance), Trevor Copp (If You Go Away), Trevor Martin (140) and Ted Pegg (Summer & Soren). There are also other scenes or songs, such as The Importance of Being Earnest, Take Me or Leave Me, Memory of Water, The Red Balloon, Two Ladies, P.O.V, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Registration and Night At The Disco (a big musical number).  

All Proceeds went to Anselma House, home for distressed women, as well as a scholarship fund for the UWaterloo Drama department.


Mime - Trevor Copp 

Paul Moukperian

Tedd Pegg

Stacey Bartlett

Matt Borch

Veronique Bouille

Emily Boutet

Mish Boutet

Dale Boyer

Lee Brunton

Megan Flynn

Brad Goddard

Chris Goddard

Mike Haltrecht

Meredith Kenzie

Julie Moore

Jenna Pollard

Andy Trihardt

Beth Wingert

Daryl Kropf

​Erin Kell

Trevor Martin

Heather Trull

Elizabeth Almeida

Tyler Brent

Cheri-Anne Paisley

Mia Praught​


Stacey Bartlett

Emily Boutet

Laura Spink

Cheri-Anne Paisley

Mia Praught


Trevor Copp

Paul Moukperian

​Ted Pegg

​Erik Weissengruber

Erin Kell

Jay D'Aoust

Trevor Martin


Jay D'Aoust

Ted Pegg

Mia Praught


Producers - Erin Kell

                 Trevor Martin

                 Jay D'Aoust

Stage Manager - Stephen Bailey

Production Manager - Melanie Klodt

Ast. Stage Managers - Julie Blake

                               Jef Gagnon

                           Cathleen McKague

​Publicity Manager - Jillian Skene

Sound Design - Greg Leclair

Emcee - Darryl Gardner

Front of House - Joanne Cope