UpStart 05

UpStart 05 PosterUniversity of Waterloo Drama's second annual festival of short theatre works.

Performances: February 2-5 & 9-12, 2005

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities Building

Performance Synopses

"Bipolar, Bare"

Sh*t In Your Ear Productions is taking a multi-faceted approach to understanding Bipolar Disorder. Our company's collaborative approach to inter-media theatre is inspired by real events in the lives of real people. We are exploring how mental illness is rooted in everyday 'normal' behaviour. Our performance is about demanding that questions be asked about meaningful issues.

"Kate Herself"

The story of a young woman, trapped in her position in life, who discovers the desire to go out on her own. Her family and friends become obstacles to her goals and Kate must ultimately decide whether or not her new path is where she belongs. It's a romantic comedy that will bring out the inner cynic and the hopeless romantic in everyone.

"Left the Office"

An exploration of the everyday, with Ed as our leading perspective. Ed is simply a complex man with many questions, many ideas and, much like everyone else, little proof of reality's actual truth. Ed finds himself in the company of two other men, whom which he does not hesitate to speak with. For, what else is there to do whilst waiting?

"Lust in Translation"

An edgy show about what happens when guys meet girls. It explores the lust, love, and obsessions involved in all relationships. Many of the characters go through obsessions to try to impress the opposite sex. It contrasts guys and girls, and explores the mis-concepts of both genders.

Audience: Some of the things discussed in the show deal with sex, so it might not be the best show for children. It should appeal to all adults.

A warning: there is a scene in the show that has physical abuse in it

"On The Side"

"On The Side" explores human relationships. It shows the secrecy, intimacy, and consequences that come along with affairs.


Starfall is about the uncertainty of things.
We can't tell the future. We can't measure impact. A man forgets to call. He takes a job, works long hours. He drinks. Where will it take him? He doesn't know. No one does.
A butterfly flaps its wings, and the world could end.
Bonnie is alone, and uncertain. She doesn't know where she's going. She doesn't recognize the man she married. Her husband, Jack, works and drinks. Forgets to call. And he spirals off into the future. Uncertain.
Bonnie decides to change her course. She calls a stranger, Sam. Asks him for help. Asks him to help her impact her life. To make it different.
And in the still, cold night, a butterfly flaps its wings.

"The Secret Lives of Sexy Women"

A contradictory look at the typical "woman as pure" perspective, and a look at what the modern dating world can be like for people in their twenties.

WARNING: Scenes may contain mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Twenty Three"

"Twenty-Three is a rock opera extravaganza about maturing; about discovery; about sex. It is a handbook for young adults who question their direction. It is a script for actors who can't find their roles. It is like RENT, without the AIDS. Make sure to bring a change of panties, because you will get wet."

Bipolar, Bare

Director - Mike Kolodziej

Stage Manager - Jacqui Kaiser

Sound Designer - Mike Burkholder

Video Designer - Sujoy Bandyopadhyay

Cast - Melanie Bennett, Narsa Chelluri, Michelle Logan, Jacqui Kaiser, Mike Kolodziej, Sujoy Bandyopadhyay, Mike Burkholder

Kate Herself

Directed and written by - Elizabeth Barry

Stage Managed by - Monica Sallan

Sound by - Travis Hatt

Cast - Erin Dwyer, Brad Cook, Soraya Marinho, Sabina Mederevic, Jesse Ariss

Crew - Nathanael Gibb, Tara Velanoff, Michelle Jedrzejewski

Left the Office

Directors - Jamie Lauckner, Josh Muirhead, Scott Mader

Stage Manager - Michelle Logan

Lust in Translation

Playwright - Ivona Radon

Directors - Tara Parachuk, Ivona Radon

Stage Manager - Travis Hatt

Cast - Tara Parachuk, Lindsay Weber, Ivona Radon, Nathan Gibbs, Dave Zoltok, Jesse Ariss, Andy Wang, Jessica O'Connor

On the Side

Director - Melissa Williamson

Stage Manager - Monica Sallan

Actors - Viktorija Kovac, Michelle Jedrzejewski, Bryan Quinlan, Melissa Williamson


Cast - Jen Lorbetski, Brendan Riggs, Travis Hatt

Director - Greg Carere

Stage Manager - Miranda EJ Warner

The Secret Lives of Sexy Women

Producers and Writers - Tara Velanoff, Robyn Gmeindl

Director - Jonathan Davoodi

Stage Manager - Samantha Leask

Cast - Charli Franklin, Andrea Dupuis, Robyn Gmeindl, Tara Velanoff, Joel Young, Dave Ouellette, Jay Morrow


Company - Jeff deSchiffert, Kandance Seymour, Colin MacLellan, Jennifer Yorke, Jessica Isard, James Barr Moses Bogart, Colin Pardoe, 

Stage Manager - Jill Smith

Sound - Andrea Ferguson

For UW Drama

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Resident Costumier - Jocelyne Sobeski

Administrator & Publicist - Robin Atchison

Festival Production Team

Producer - Andy Houston

Production Stage Manager - Celeste Dickson

Director of Production - Bill Chesney

Technical Director/Sound God - Fraser Smith

Assistant TD, Studio 180 - Travis Hatt

Lighting Design - James Peltzer

Publicity - Michelle Jedrzejewski, Michelle Logan

House Manager - Irene Camacho

Technical support - DRAMA 244 class